Dead Awake

dead awake

It is very rare I hop onto Netflix, pick a movie knowing it will be a cliche dumb movie watch it anyways and end up completely wrong and enjoy myself completely. This is one of them. Not only was I wrong, not only did I enjoy myself, but I actually ended up thinking more than I probably should about how so many different cultures from different sides of the world thousands of years ago experienced the same thing.

The story starts out at a party, seemingly a combination birthday party reunion between two sisters that quickly turns to a sleep walking conversation to a sleep paralysis conversation to a fight and someone leaving. I don’t remember her name but honestly because one the same actress played both Kate and Beth Bowan as they were twins and two she ends up dead quickly. The living sister quickly teams up with dead sisters boyfriend Evan to find out what her strange dreams mean that they are now both having before it kills them as well. What follows is a roller coaster ride of trying to stay awake not seen since The Nightmare on Elm Street movies and a war between science and the mystical. With out a doubt if you have access to Netflix watch this movie, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house


Be happy I love you Savior. This is probably the strangest bad thing I’ve reviewed so far. Things like Aliens: Colonial Marines were just flat out bad, and I’m going to tell you now I didn’t like this movie but it’s weird why not.

Much like the movie Darling I reviewed, this is a really artsy horror film. It centers around a young RN named Lily who moves into the house of a once famous author who’s suffering from severe dementia and has to take care of her. Iris Blum, her patient barely functions in her grand sterile white house…except for the rotting spot that develops in the wall. Lily is curious why Iris won’t call her anything but Polly and discovers the famous book Iris wrote was about a real woman named Polly Parsons who got murdered and buried in the wall and Polly told her the story…

I have to say the narrations for this movie are beautifully written. The cinematography is beautiful. The acting is strange and slightly off putting, which combined with how isolated the house feels and how quiet it is can be quite creepy. So why didn’t I like it? It’s boring. Plain and simple. The movie ends when it just feels like it’s starting to build up to something. The fact that there is rarely dialogue but narration, while as I said is well written, feels pretentious after a while. The ending flat out pissed me off with how anti-climatic it felt.  If this was a novella or short story, I’d call it a damn good one. As a movie, nah. I recommend this to a film student or aspiring writer like myself as a teaching tool but I can’t as a actual horror movie.  As always you guys are awesome, thank you for your time, and may the gaming gods be with you.


The Rezort

The rezort

To start let me say this, I did not spell the title wrong, its a zombie movie and we all know they just toss the letter “Z” where ever they can. With that out of the way this story takes place after the zombie apocalypse after the war against the zombies has been won. A remote island was discovered crawling with them and a well known company that also handles refugees won the bid to eradicate them. Instead in what I feel is the most realistic part of the movie they built a damn amusement park. And well you know this can not go wrong.

Move forward to the movie itself, a woman on her honeymoon alone because her husband left her at the alter goes to the park with a group that includes our main character, a woman that wants to face her fears and her boy friend as well as a few others. it isn’t long before something goes wrong, the fail safes fail zombies are everywhere and people are dead. It is a very well done tho a bit corny at times movie that is very much worth a watch if you are into the zombie genre. There are also a few nice surprises floating around that I will not ruin for you. So go enjoy, and my the gaming gods bring you glory.

1922 trailer


I’m glad Stephen King is jumping back into mainstream popularity again. Just sayin dude. Anyway, so I know Netflix is popping out a original movie for Gerald’s Game and now 1922, one of five stories from the collection Full Dark, No Stars. 1922 in a nutshell is the story of a farming family living in the titular year and how the father kills the mother and throws her in a old well and how the guilt destroy the lives of him and his son. From the brief trailer we got, the plot seems to be there. I’m glad the movie has a grounded feel to it, the actors actually look like a struggling farming  family and the ghostly images aren’t overly flashy. Overall, I think it’s a perfectly doable adaptation and I’m actually fairly excited for it. May the gaming gods be with you and as always thank you for reading.



Holidays isn’t so much a movie as a series of short stories combined to make up a movie, each story consisting of its own holiday such as Valentines day, Easter Halloween or even New Years Eve. Now they are honestly all of varying quality with Valentines day and Halloween being exceptionally good.

Valentines was fun, a swim team that is particularly fond of their coach looking for a new heart. Poor Maxine however is especially fond of him and also happens to be bullied and called Maxi-Pad. I obviously won’t ruin the ending but its a good one.

Halloween is another one that really stood out, and is written by Kevin Smith and actually stars his real life daughter. Three women working as cam workers finally have enough of their abusive live in boss. This one while not the most messed up of the bunch gets pretty brutal. This one definitely makes the list of movies worth checking out. Enjoy and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

How to get a special Pikachu

With the 20th Pokémon film, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, making a limited theatrical run, we’re celebrating by giving Trainers the opportunity to receive one of six exclusive Pikachu in their copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon. These Pikachu are unique as they are wearing one of Ash’s hats—each one reflecting the hat […]

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Cyborg: unplugged

cyborg unplugged

I’m going to admit, at first I was very pissed when it was announced Cyborg was going to be part of the JLA movie roster instead of Green Lantern. I liked Cyborg since my youth watching Teen Titans, but Green Lantern has been part of the team since the beginning. I searched for his solo comics on Amazon and was surprised at the lack of material he had; I wasn’t expecting a vast library for Cyborg but certainly more than I found. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised as a reader.

The story goes as such: The JLA are thrown into a fight with these creepy ass looking machine-creatures from the future. Vic Stone is with the rest of the league, fighting his heart off, but the things overpower him quite easily and seemingly kill Cyborg. Suddenly, he awakens after his tech goes through a mysterious but miraculous reboot that revives him but leaves him…different. Suddenly, some of his skin has returned while obtaining the mechanical features. We also begin to see people finding ways to implant cybernetics in themselves to either replace what is lost or enhance themselves. As Vic tries to discover what the hell is happening to him; the things that wrecked him have returned for his blood and the enhanced to stop a terrible fate..

I got really into this for one really good reason: Victor Stone as a character. He was was written with a lot of depth and relate able pain and issues but still had a wisecrack and a trademark BOOYAH while kicking ass- seriously if he doesn’t drop a BOOYAH in that damn JLA movie, I want my money back. The art was wonderful, both wondrous and creepy at times. I can’t say I was hugely invested in the story as a whole but the character of Cyborg kept me there for the run and now I’m wanting more. As always, thank you for reading and may the gaming gods be with you all.