Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition

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Any long time followers of the blog know I have a love hate relationship with this game. More on that here Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4? for the longest time the game was basically broken, and not even in a small way. The only way to really play it was to learn how to manipulate a system that didn’t much work, to the point the company de-listed the game and hired a completely new company to make it. You can see that here. Kerbal On Consoles Finally Fixed?

However, how does it stack up? This one will be a bit long if you want a quick is it fixed and good sort of deal, scroll down to the end. If you want the long version where I talk about the PC, the original console version and the enhanced version keep going.

First off, the PC version is the original version and is probably the best version in terms of content. It is further along in development by a bit and has all the mods you can dream of. The controls are nice, the graphics are beautiful and is the definitive version. It also isn’t exactly all that heavy on your computer specs.

The original console version, this thing looked nice but damn was it a broken pile of shit. It would randomly delete your entire game, and not just the one you were working on. All of your save data. The control nodes were kind of like trying to do upper level geometry while drinking whiskey and juggling. Somehow, the game was fun as hell. I played it from the day I bought it until the day the Enhanced version came out.

Kerbal Enhanced Version. I gotta be honest here, this version may be my favorite version. First, I do prefer console games. I love a controller in my hands, tho I do own the PC version. That being said, the enhanced version is far superior to the original. The maneuver nodes work amazing, the ability to switch controls on the fly (pun intended) between rocket and planes in amazing and as always success or failure is just a lot of fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



deadpool movie

I end my list of X- Men reviews with arguably the best film to come out of the series. The little r-rated superhero movie that could.

Wade Wilson was a normal guy that did some questionable shit for money and had some military background skills. He met a messed up chick named Vanessa and Wade and Vanessa feel in love. practically soul mates. Well, Wade gets inoperable cancer. Life Sucks. But as he hangs out in despair at his favorite bar, a shady looking dude offers him a possible cure if he comes with him. Not wanting to have Vanessa watch him suffer, he says screw it and goes with the guy. Under director Ajax aka Francis, Wade is tortured in an attempt to make him develop a mutation, which he does. Wade regenerates. But the problem is the cancer mutated and disfigured him. After fighting Ajax, Wade takes up the mantle of Deadpool and sets off on his quest for revenge, while getting lectured by some X Men along the way…

Wow. Just freaking wow. Ryan Reynolds has gotten gotten the short end of the stick when it came to superhero movies in the past, including his first run as Wilson in X Men Origins: Wolverine as well as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern , which he makes a joke at in this movie. This time, he gets to fully immerse himself in the character and he is Deadpool to a T. The supporting cast is great as well. Besides being a hilarious comedy, it is balanced with some awesome action scenes and there is surprisingly a lot of heart. I absolutely recommend this to fans and even people who aren’t into the genre. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Open House (2018)

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Open House is the story of a young man and his mother that move into a relatives house temporarily following the tragedy of their Husband/father being killed by a driver that has a heart attack and runs off the road and hits him. Yes already this seems a bit over the top. I won’t go to much further into the story, mostly because it would’t take much to spoil but on the drive there is when it starts to get weird.

The acting is actually pretty solid, and it should be noted the movie does contain some nudity so be aware of that if you intend to watch it with children present. The movie itself is pretty basic, not bad but not good. It is actually one of the worse Netflix originals I have seen. That isn’t to say it isn’t worth watching, casual fans of the genre will enjoy it, tho any of the more devout fans will probably be a bit bored. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

X-Men: Apocalypse

xmen apocalypse

Look at this poster. Study it’s dark tone and how Apocalypse looks sinister and gives you a strong sense of foreboding. Good. That ain’t the movie you are getting.

Long ago there existed an extremely powerful mutant in Egypt, god-like even. He was followed by four disciples, mutants that he imbued with more power than they already had. While most of Egypt viewed this mutant as god, others didn’t and caused a pyramid to crash on him and he went into hibernation for like 2000 years until he woke up after a excavation. Apocalypse pretty much wants his god-like reign back so he finds Psylocke, Storm, Angel, and a devastated Magneto to empower as his Four Horsemen and it’s up to the mismatched X Men to stop him…

This is the weakest link of the whole trilogy and personally it’s my least favorite X Men movie. Apocalypse, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the most devastatingly powerful mutants in Marvel history. He is damn near unkillable and the amount of badassness he possesses is insane. Despite this, in the movie he really doesn’t do jack shit but look awkward. The horsemen he chooses make no sense either; in fact he just kinda chooses whoever he comes across. But let’s talk about the X-Men. We get younger versions of classics like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler as well as more Mystique- who pretty much is whole on Mockingjay by now and Beast. None of the new kids really sold me. What became a trend with these prequels is every movie being a new decade and this damn movie plays the 80’s card hard. Like annoyingly hard. Nightcrawler is pulling a Thriller era MJ for most of it. Honestly, again, I stuck around for McAvoy and Fassbender again, who rock it again as X and Magneto. And the destruction is solid if you like disaster movies but it is heavy on the CGI. My final verdict is it’s a decent popcorn action film but it’s a shitty X-Men movie. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Long Dark ( Xbox One)


A plane crash, a cold wasteland. The indomitable will to survive. The Long Dark. What possibly is the hardest survival game ever made. You see there is a sandbox mode with a fun little story mode, but the real fun is in the sandbox.

You will be dropped into the wilderness with some basic supplies and thats it. No tutorial, no hints no map telling you wear to go. Just you, the frozen land of Canada and the wilderness. You will need to quickly find wood for a fire and hopfully some shelter before the cold and exhaustion take hold. After that you will need to find warmth, food and any other supplies you can get your hands on.

There will also be a need to go exploring, since things like a rifle, hatchet and other better things aren’t going to be easy to find. You may need to hide out in a cave, or a small fishing shack, where fishing can also be an option. This is a game that is worth checking out, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Definitely,Maybe (2008)

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Definitely maybe is basically the short version of how I met your mother when it comes down to it. A daughter wants to know how her parents that are now going through a divorce met, and her father played my Ryan Reynolds is a bit less than enthusiastic to tell his young daughter the history of his dating life. Hey I can see why, who wants to tell their kids their dating history. The movie isn’t Ryans usual comedy, it is actually a sweet and yet at times sad story of a man that just can’t seem to get the timing down with the love of his life.

The movie does of course have a happy ending as it is above anything a love story, for fans of that the movie is actually great. The story is sweet, and well done. Many people however will be going into this expecting it to be a comedy and will be greatly disappointed. That being said, it is worth a watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.