Heavenstrike Rivals


Heavenstrike Rivals is a mobile game from Square Enix that is, in a weird way, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics except not as fun or strategic. The game is plenty good enough. The story isn’t bad but it takes a backs seat to the combat. You use jems to summon troops to fight enemies on a grid that is only 3 squares down. The turn based system is pretty solid for a mobile game, but the best troops will sadly cost you some real money. It is by no means pay to win, it simply makes life easier. Thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Center of the Galaxy


As some of you may know I decided to make the long trip in Elite Dangerous to Sagittarius A, the center of the galaxy. After hundreds of jumps and probably 12-20 hours I finally arrived. I’m admittedly not sure how long it took since I mostly was busy putting a ship together and planning my path 1000 light years at a time. The first picture was the super massive black hole at the center. The next is the view looking away from the black hole.


All in all the trip was very very long and very uneventful. That being said i saw tons of interesting things, some of which literally nobody else ever has, and judging from the fact the game has around 400 billion systems no one may ever see them again. If you are very patient and have plenty of time to spend i’d suggest making the trip. Now all that’s left is the return trip. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mario RPG


Mario RPG is viewed by many, including myself, as possibly the best Mario game ever made. The battle system is simple,yet elegant with timed button presses or other button moves to do extra damage or healing. The game also has an amazing story that involves many things including Bowser being kicked out of his castle, Mario collecting pieces of stars and even fighting what are basically power rangers. The first time I played this game I wasn’t expecting all that much. Just a short average at best RPG, and I’ve never been so happy in my life to be wrong. Visually this game was one of the best the SNES had to offer, the sound and story were amazing and the world itself was a mix between charming and deadly with a mix of comedy with a few easter eggs to the Final Fantasy series to finish it off. This is a must play game for RPG and Mario fans alike. Until next time, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Act raiser review

act raiser

Act Raiser is an old Super Nintendo game where you play as a god that has lost his powers thanks to the people no longer believing in you. So you take control is a side scrolling action segments in order to rid the land of a powerful enemy so the land becomes inhabitable again.

act raiser game play

After the side scrolling event you will start on a sort of Sim City type game play where you guide your village  to grow and discover new technology such as wheat or bridge building which you can then give to your other towns. This simple formula actually makes for a great and fun game as your villages grow, find you new spells and items and even help other towns grow. This is definitely one of those games you would be doing yourself a huge favor to try out. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek Online

star trek online

Star Trek Online is far from a perfect game. There are more than a couple glitches to run into, none of which are game breaking thankfully. The ground combat is stiff and doesn’t require much thought and sadly it does feature pretty prominently in the game. All that aside the number of ships to choose from are nice and varied and the ship to ship combat is fun and is the main the part of the game.

Another nice aspect is the random conflict zones in space, so when you need  break from the story campaigns that are pretty long at times they are a nice distraction. The ability to choose between more than one alliance with a number of races within each alliance to choose from. The ships are also pretty customization with different weapons,shields color schemes and much more. With all that I would only recommend this game to Star trek fans and the more hardcore MMO fans, sadly there just is not a lot here for the casual fans. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Shining Force 2

shining force 2

Another classic sega RPG, shining force 2 is a grid based strategy RPG, with dozens of characters to build your team from. The battles play out on the world map shown here.

shining force 2 fight.jpg

the battles take place in between the story about a thief that steals magical jewels that sealed a great evil from the world by the name of Zeon. as you fight the battle switch from the world map to a close up view to see your attack, below you can see the main character attack the before mentioned Zeon.

shining force 2 battle

The graphics for this games time was pretty solid and so was the sound. This great game can also be found on Sonics ultimate genesis collection on the PS3 and XB360 and is worth checking out if you have the means. The story is well paced and compelling with characters you will easily get attached to. With a few solid twist and turns and more than one difficulty level you will get your moneys work on this one. Best of luck, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


5 Games of Disappointment

dissappointment valley

Every so often we all will look forward to a game and board the hype train full steam ahead, or at least read a bit about it. Sometimes those games either suck, or just were not what we thought they would be. These are five games this happened to me with, in no particular order.

 For Honor

for honor

For Honor is one of those games that had a pretty great concept and nice graphics. It is quite simple, take control of a barbarian,samurai or knight and kill everyone in your path. The controls make that pretty easy to do, however the game itself makes it hard to find or stay in a multiplayer game to the point that many quick playing entirely.

Final Fantasy 13

final fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13 was on of those games that for me NEEDED to be good to renew my faith in a franchise after a horrible experience with its predecessor. From the looks of it, this was going to do it. Beautiful graphics, plenty of characters, a new world with a rich backstory and so much more. So i’m outside my local Game stop smoking anxiously awaiting my copy.  I rush home, crack open a beer and the disappointment hits me almost immediately. The linear paths, the horrible characters and that god awful battle system. It would be another 7 years or so before my faith in Final Fantasy can even begin to be rebuilt with FF15.

Final Fantasy Advance

final fantasy advance.jpg

Let me start by saying i LOVED final fantasy tactics for the PlayStation 1. To say I was stoked for this game would be an understatement. In fact it is totally possible this is the biggest offender on the list. The first one was a story of a war torn land with amazing characters and interesting battles. This dumpster fire involved killing people by odd and random laws and children. By all means, skip this game.

Dark Souls

dark souls

I heard a ton of great things about this one, such as solid graphics, fun combat and an insane difficulty. Well the graphics for its time were solid, everything else I quickly found to be bullshit. the difficulty comes from broken combat and one of the worst camera systems I have ever encountered. Mot of my deaths involved the camera being stuck causing unscene enemies and my weapon legitimately passing through an enemy but causing no damage. Thankfully later iterations fixed these issues.

Alien Isolation

alien isolation

I knew very little about this game until after its release. A friend of mine talked it up for being a great stealth game that had a pretty good scare factor. I was a bit skeptical but this trusted friend even went so far to buy it for me while it was on sale ( Hey TorstenV how you doing) Now maybe he over hyped it, but almost everything about this game was just bad for me. The graphics of this game weren’t bad, but the game play was slow even for a stealth game, the story was pretty meh and worst of all the game didn’t even scare me. I think a major issue was you had to be a huge fan of the movie series to truly appreciate this game.


Game of Thrones Telltales Review

Game of thrones

Game of Thrones is in my opinion probably the weakest of the Telltale Games out there, but that doesn’t make it a bad game in any sense. The story itself is interesting and pretty on par with the rest of the games and even the books and t.v. series. The episodes follow the Forrester family and those close to them after the Red Wedding. It doesn’t focus on anyone in particular rather multiple people, some of which in true thrones fashion end up on the wrong end of a sword. This time around the game relies more heavily on timed button presses and button mashing than previous entries which may turn many people off of this Telltale adventure. Personally I like the more serious and violent tone of the these episodes. There is no shortness of blood and death tho admittedly I have witnessed more than a few graphical glitches, for example Jon Snow gliding up some stairs or a cane that is just seemingly large pixel  blocks one moment than a cane the next. The sound and voice work is well done tho and the graphical issues while annoying aren’t game breaking or significant. To wrap it all up, the game isn’t bad and is free this month, so at the very least you get a solid story and a platinum trophy for your time, which to me isn’t to shabby. Thanks for reading and may the gaming gods grant you glory.

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic

star wars

This game takes me back. Its probably the first Bioware game I ever played,and was also the first time i really played  game that had any sort of karma or good and evil system. I vowed to myself i’d be the Jedi in game I would want to be in real life. So about an hour later i quickly realize i veered off somewhere and quickly becoming an evil prick, using my light saber to mow down everything in my path. So I try to get back on the right path while i’m traveling the galaxy trying to save the place from  Darth Malak that somehow has an army of sith troopers and ships. As I’m doing my thing and building better weapons and learning about the amazing worlds and characters I once again notice i’m rocking a red duel saber force choking the life out of people many times for no damn reason at all. Turns out that in this time frame, 4000 years before the original trilogy, I am definitely a sith and nothing I could do would change that. See part of the fun of this game, beyond the one of a kind story and the great worlds and characters, is you can pretty be whatever you want, and that’s why I will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for joining me on my nostalgia trip, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Exploration fun, sort of.

silver water world

So I’ve been making my way to the center of the galaxy in elite dangerous, a roughly 25 thousand light year trip. And i can’t lie, as fun as it is to see new unexplored places it can be rather boring at times. Tossing on some music or chatting with a friend makes it go a lot quicker. That being said I have come across stars and planets pretty much unseen by other players, for example this ringed blue gas giant.

Blue ring world

Some times as i’m cruising around lost in thought scanning planets I wonder why i chose to do this. Was it for the trophy? Money? Bragging rights for being one of the first PS4 players to do it? Or maybe a weird combination of it all. At the end of the day its sights like this that keep me coming back.

brown and white planet

When it comes down to it, its just  weird sort of fun getting to imagine what it would be like to actually be out there. I do not recommend trying such a long trip, but I would definitely suggest making a small 1000 light year trip just to see what its like. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.