Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Demo review


So after spending, some time with the demo i have to say my mind is changed on this one. I didn’t much care one way or the other about this game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel, and i enjoyed Mega man as a kid and love me some Resident Evil, I am just not a fan of fighting games.

First lets get this out of the way, the game looks beautiful on my Ps4 pro running on a 4k T.V.  This however is no surprise as both items are designed to do this. i didn’t notice any frame rate dips even when there were explosions and characters everywhere. the explosions looked and sounded amazing as well.

This brings us to the playable characters themselves, and the number you play as in the demo is nice and includes the likes of Mega Man, Thor, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Chris Redfield and quite a few others. All of them were smooth and easy to control and feel different enough to make it worth switching between them in the 2 on 2 battles. It i also super easy to pick up and play but it is far from easy to master. My first fight or 2 was basically me smashing button and switching between Mega Man and Captain America, but by the time i was using Thor and Rocket Raccoon i was intentionally using special moves and countering attacks. Now i will openly admit most of you will beat me at basically any fighting game, but there this one is absolutely designed to be played by noobs and seasoned vets alike and  very much think we will see a ton of competitive play on this one. So as always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

More From E3

Yesterday as another pretty big day from E3 with plenty to talk about. I obviously won’t be covering it all, for example as we speak the Marvel vs Capcom 3 demo is downloading on my PlayStation 4, which i will talk about more in coming days.

For better or worse one of the big talking points is publisher Devolver, not because of anything they showed but because their hour was largely one long joke at the expense of  E3 itself, which while a complete dick move, was well done and hey they did pay their money.  My personal opinion is i wouldn’t have them back next year, but their Twitter is hilarious.

Now we should probably get into the meat and bones of all this, which is my way of saying skull and bones looks phenomenal. Now for those that didn’t see the big reveal this is somewhat of a spiritual spin off of Assassins Creed Black Flag, they even mention it during the reveal itself. a Massive pirate simulator  may be the best way to describe it. The trailer showed 3 different ships with  3 different roles in the game itself. After a long battle pirate hunters showed up that didn’t even seem possible to defeat and the pirates retreated. My only fear i that this beautiful and seemingly massive game will end up like For honor,and be one of the best games most people don’t care about.

Another game that needs nothing said about it is Far Cry 5. This i wont go into to much detail about, not that it doesn’t look great or have an amazing concept because it does indeed have all of that. However, there is a ton of controversy surrounding it and  very much plan to discuss the game and my opinions of the game in a future post.

Possibly the most interesting choice in game design, and obviously an exclusive to the Nintendo Switch is  Mario+Rabbids. The basic idea is that somehow the rabbid end up in the mushroom kingdom with their usual comedic selves. Obliviously the bad Rabbids join the koop troops and what follows is just so awkward i did not know i wanted it until i saw it. This game is essentially a tactical RPG similar to Final Fantasy or X-Com. The  reveal showed destructible environments in the battlefield as well a an assortment of skills and controllable characters That vary from Mario and Peach to Rabbids dressed like..well Mario and Peach. Now i know this sounds all kinds of wrong, but it actually seems to work.

Now last but not least (i will be posting more throughout the week) is probably the biggest announcement from Ubisoft, which i will provide a video for below.

Now i do have one more thing to thing to add, there is a limited edition version of this game that comes with all sorts of things. There will be 999 copies available, with from what I’ve heard only 200 available for North America and it will cost a massive $800.  That being said i don’t doubt much of it will be worth some serious money some day.

With that being said there is still a TON of stuff i don’t have time to discuss right now, For example Monster Hunter worlds, God Of War 4 and The remake (or maybe remaster?) of Shadow of Colossus. so until next time, thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you victory.

E3 to me so far.

As we all know E3 is in full swing, and all gamers have something to say. Now obviously i wont be touching on everything from E3 because hey i’m only one man. There is a bit to cover so we should probably get started, and by all means call me an asshole at the bottom if need be.

Lets get EA out of the way early, Madden 18 will be getting a story mode. I’ve never been  fan of the story modes in sports games,however i am obviously in the minority here. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of details out there, but basically you are a former 5 star high school football player trying to get back in the game, which i assume is why its called long shot.

Now lets be honest, star wars battlefront 1 was a HUGE disappointment, so many people are rightfully skeptical of battlefront 2. One thing they both have in common is graphically they both look absolutely amazing. The new one seems to have far more content, the trailer showcases  both Jedi and Sith heroes from various eras. Darth Maul and Yoda both make an appearance as well as Rey and Kylo Ren. There also seems to be far more weapon variety as well as vehicles and space battles. It definitely appears they have learned from their mistakes.

A major thing with very little info from Microsoft, backwards compatibility for the Xbox one for original Xbox games. How well this goes will depend on the games they release and personally I’m hoping for knights of the old republic one and two but hey i guess we will see.

Now full disclosure, I am a PlayStation guy. That being said i do own and enjoy my Xbox one. Probably the biggest news from Microsoft is the X box one x,( formerly the Scorpio) which by the way the initials spell out X box, Now has a launch date and a price point. The real question here is do you feel the most powerful console ever created worth $499? For me that is a definite no. Feel free to buy me one guys, but i will not be buying it without a substantial price drop.

Not a lot of info is available for this next one, just some people in mech suits flying around and killing stuff in what appears to be one of the most beautiful worlds to exist. Thats right people, Anthem looks that good graphically.

This brings me to Bethesda. I have a soft spot for the people that bring me both Fallout and Elder Scrolls. While the Elder Scrolls will be coming to IOS,Steam and Android and both series will be getting VR support. It is also worth mentioning that Bethesda will continue to milk Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. We also will be receiving a Dishonored spin off, which i have mixed emotions on. The first one had its flaws but was fun, and i never played 2 at all. That being said the idea of of hunting down the outsider should be fun.

Now we are getting closer to my favorite part of E3, but first one last thing to mention. We re getting a new Wolfenstein. This series is over 30 years old and while it hasn’t always been great it seems to have found its sweet spot. Every game from E3 looks good  graphically impressive, but Wolfenstein also seems to have delivered a compelling story about a revolution and killing a bunch of Nazi douchbags.

Now my favorite, and the one game mentioned here to get a video linked, mostly because that would have been a ton of videos. So without further delay, check out my favorite game so far from E3. the sequel to one of the more original game I have played in recent years.



Resident evil 7 review


This is my first review, and i am going to make this simple. I will give you the typical 1-10 , 1 being basically unplayable, 10 being damn near perfect and 5 as average.

This game is basically what you would expect. Its the creepy tale of Ethan attempting to save is wife Mia that went missing a few years before. Right from the very beginning all hell breaks out, and without to many spoilers its not long before heads are popping and limbs are lost.

Speaking of not long, the game is short, as in a trophy exist for beating it in under 4 hours. With that being said you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by holding that against it. Sure it will only take about 10 hours to finish but those hours will be well spent.

The game however is not perfect, many of the enemies are bullet sponges even for a resident evil game. Most of the enemies do not respawn but later enemies seem to do so randomly which is rather annoying more than anything.

When all is said and done, the game is worth playing for anyone that loves the horror genre or that enjoys puzzles of which there are many. A solid 7 of 10 that i have zero regrets in buying.


This is the first blog from Savior Gaming. The hope is to provide weekly opinions and reviews on things in the gaming world as well as maybe things in my personal life. Now I realize there are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of these floating around so hey, whats one more?

With E3 right around the corner I am very much looking forward to the new games announced, which Nintendo started with this already with the announcement of Pokemon tournament DX for the Nintendo switch as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon all to be released later this year.

Other things to look forward to is Elite Dangerous for PS4 , which i will discuss weekly here, with many thing to find and I’m sure many mistakes maybe you can learn and discover your own things.

With all that being said, may the gaming gods guide you all to greatness.