7 Days To Die


7 days to die is essentially a zombie survival simulator. You build tools chop down trees build weapons and cloths even a vehicle while scavenging for food,water and of course any other useful item you can find. The concept is one millions of people dream about and discuss at great lengths. There are only 2 types of people in this world, those with a zombie plan and dinner.

With all that out of the way, I have to say at least on PS4 this is not a well made game. Its rare but I have on occasion when unable to open doors or go into menus but after restarting the game work just fine. The graphics while not horrible have a tendency to tear and at larger distances its not uncommon for objects to appear and disappear. Zombies don’t have the best look and only come in a few different varieties. The shooting mechanics are stiff but work well enough and driving is a bit rough as well.

With all that being said there are no issues with the game that are a deal breaker or make the game unplayable. It also gets regular updates and has a very strong community attached to it. If you are a horror fan or simply love the zombie genre there is no reason you shouldn’t own this game. Stay safe out there and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pokemon Y


Pokemon X and Y as many of you know was the first in the 3D pokemon games. When I first saw this I was a bit nervous and it did take a bit if getting used to after over a decade of the old style. Within the first couple hours I realised I very much missed the top down look Pokemon works very well in the new style.

Aside from the new visuals the formula of catching little monsters for what is basically animated cock fighting still works. Any fan of the series knows it doesn’t take long for the obsession to collect as many as you can and find the right balance between new mons and old favorites to kick in. And as always the corny story running along side the quest to become league champ is interesting enough to follow but not so in-depth to distract from the main attraction of collecting and battling. The new EV training system was to me the best new addition and it saddens me to see it disappear in Sun and Moon and I hope to see it again. As always thanks for your time and may the gaming gods bring you glory

Alien Resurrection: the game

alienr game1

I used to be a major chickenshit as a kid; I wasn’t able to look at the covers for this and Alien trilogy without almost crapping my pants in utter terror.  God, how much I’ve grown. So Alien Resurrection, a movie most people hated, got a video game in a time when if you had a movie you had to have a game. Whereas Trilogy was kind of a Doom clone, Resurrection actually broke some new ground at the time. In the Alien Resurrection game we see a lot modern FPS mechanics come into play; we were able to easily aim and shoot as opposed to many other shooters that were still getting it down. For the time the graphics were fine but now they turned to dogshit by today’s standards

alienr game2 Do you see what I mean? Playing this in early 2001 to 2003, this game was scary as hell. Also there is a really sweet idea in the game I’m pissed hasn’t been used in a alien game since; if you get hit by a face-hugger you don’t die automatically but your time is short and the alien will kill you from the inside if you don’t remove it from a hidden surgical station somewhere in the stage. The game is difficult and a little clunky but there’s one bastard of problem that makes it irritating as shit. Save points are ridiculously few and far between and in Souls fashion, you die- see you at the beginning of the stage mofo and if you don’t have a memory card, well, sucks to be you dude. Seriously, you start as Ripley 8 with no gun. You don’t casually find one on a dead body or given it in a helpful cut scene, nope, you gotta search for that damn thing because there comes a point guards starting shooting at you and you can’t punch. Overall it ain’t a bad game, it has a creepy atmosphere and the fact you are so fragile and there’s few saves adds a lot to the tension. Its on PS1 and PC and worth a try. May the gaming gods bring you glory and a memory card.

Americas Army: Proving Ground


I was torn when I downloaded this for free on PS4. Part of me doesn’t expect much from free games. However having been in the army I wanted good things. That being said, having served I knew this would be functional but flawed. And that’s really the best way to describe this first person shooter. Functional, but flawed. The controls are pretty standard and while graphically the game is sub par its not bad. The issue becomes where the many glitches come in. Numerous times while attempting to use an elevator it would take 3 and 4 attempts to have it actually work and more then a few times dead bodies would be simply floating in mid air. While floating dead people is easy to ignore the occasional random person floating was not. This normally happens when getting off an elevator,regardless it was still annoying as hell.

Aside from the numerous glitches I came across there really isn’t much to say about the game. It is pretty much average and standard in every possible way. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Bards Tale ps4


So the other day I’m bouncing around the PlayStation store when suddenly I see a blast from my past. The Bards Tale. So I excitedly grab baby savior run as fast as a fat dude can (which is slightly slower than an average walking speed) and beg and plead with my girlfriend for $10, to which she grants my request. Ok so that is greatly exaggerated but still as a kid I loved this game. The visuals were never amazing but they were good enough and with the remaster they are still the same way. Not great, but good enough. The sound is great and the songs are in my opinion some of the best written and most catchy in video game history. The game itself is also the funniest I have ever played and its not even a close discussion for me. The story is exactly what the game says. Its the tale of a bard as he does various things. Sure maybe save the world but that’s actually optional. My first ever play through I didn’t. So i highly suggest you grab $10, and prepare for a fun story with clever music and some nice action rpg game play, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Somewhere, some when said “hey guys, you ever wonder what it’d be like if Assassin’s Creed and  Bioshock had a steampunk baby?” Bethesda named this baby Dishonored.  set in the steampunk land of Dunwall, we play as Corvo, the royal bodyguard to Empress Caldwell and her daughter Emily. After returning from a journey to find the cure to a hideous rat plaque, the Queen is murdered before Corvo’s eyes by men with mysterious powers, Emily taken, and Corvo framed by a corrupt Lord regent. Imprisoned for years, Corvo is broken free by a group of loyalists led by Haddlock and the fight to save Emily and the Empire begins, all while being haunted by a otherworldly figure called the Outsider that grants Corvo dark powers, but at what price?

The plot is pretty straight forward with a pretty predictable twist at the end. The world we find ourselves in was my favorite part; I enjoyed the fancy ornate mansions of fine dressed sophisticates and the dingy sewers full of plagued weepers. The gameplay is fun and full of opportunity, you have full reign to mix and match weapons and powers as well as gameplay approach. The games does reward you far more for going the full stealth, no kill approach which screw that noise. If you have the patience for that, all the power to you friend. If you feel like being a kill happy nutbag, there are consequences as you will find the end of the game will get ridiculously harder than if you try to be a fine nonlethal soul. Overall the game is fun with multiple playthroughs but a stale plot and as always may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Medieval Life (Mobile)


I don’t expect much from free games, that is even more true on mobile devices. But this one is just, well bad if I am being honest. There is very little to do, fighting is nothing more than tapping a button as a bar moves in hopes that your bar is higher than theirs. You buy a new weapon as you level up which allows your bar to go higher and you collect money by killing monsters and selling what I can only assume is their bodies. Earning experience is slow, a couple for each kill and more when you buy furniture for your house, and no that is not a joke. I would advise you to avoid this game. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.