H.R. Giger : master of nightmares


Since I was a little kid, age 2 if not mistaken, I’ve been haunted by a special monster. A monster both beautiful and terrifying in it’s design and symbolism, “A perfect organism.” Hans Reudi (Rudolf) Giger was a famous Swiss painter born February 5th, 1940 and passed away March 2014; on a personal note I wept when I woke up to the text he passed away. His designs are a thing of legend, the most famous and well known being those for the horror classic Alien. His art mainly revolves around the sexual and bio-mechanical often fused as is the Xenomorph design. Influences of his work can be seen in classic video games like Contra and Metroid

giger3  giger5

he created a radical design for Batman: Forever’s Batmobile that was toned down for the film but still  feels like his work.

He designed the creature for the 1995 film Species as well as was commissioned by Korn frontman Jonathan Davis to create a custom microphone that is very Alien-esque. Before starting my Alien reviews I just wanted to give a huge shout out to a artist many of us know but never really gave credit to and changed the way I saw art, monsters, and the human body. You are missed, Giger.

Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah


At the end of Calla, Susannah disappears into another when and where, taken over by Mia. Mia is the demon who raped her and is pregnant with a diabolical child of Roland, The Crimson King, and Susannah to create the ultimate breaker, Mordred Deschain. Roland, Eddie, Jake, Oy, and Callahan have to push through the “Unfound” door, find Susannah and finish the last tasks before reaching this story’s finale.

Of all the series, I have the hardest time remembering book six the most. For the most part, I found it as a good bridge linking to the final chapter, much like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in that regard. There is a heavy sense of dread once the second to last beam holding the tower up falls in the opening, making this book and next feel rushed because time is ticking. Book six starts to feel frighteningly real. Eddie and Roland meet a young Stephen King, which holy crap that’s meta. The heaviest part to me was Callahan and Jake hiding Black 13 under the Twin Towers. If you followed the series, pick it up, but in my opinion it’s definitely not the most memorable of the series but has some memorable moments in it. May the gaming gods be with you, and tune in for the Dark Tower’s epic finale.

Sony Paris Games Week 2017!

PlayStation Hub

So who is excited about the Sony Paris Game Week 2017? I can’t wait to see some more footage from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human and more! Here is the little info I just found from wccftech.com.

Sony Announces PlayStation Media Showcase at Paris Games Week 2017(Published by Aernout 8/15/2017)

“Sony has announced its PlayStation Media Showcase at during Paris Games Week this October.

The media briefing will take place on October 30 at 4pm UTC. Last year, Sony decided not to organize a press briefing at the event.”

“The lineup for this year’s event have yet to be revealed, but we’re hoping that Sony will show off some more footage for the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC, Media Molecule’s Dreams, Michel Ancel’s WiLD, and Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human.”

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Star Trek First Contact


Star Trek First Contact from 1996 is the first next generation only movie, and it is only fitting it involves one of Earths biggest enemies, the Borg. After destroying a Borg Cube the Enterprise follows a Sphere back into the past, the day before first contact is made with the Vulcans.  After destroying the Sphere a group is sent down to help repair the first warp drive ship and is trapped down there while the rest of the crew fights off the Borg that have invaded the the ship. Honestly this is the best looking of the movies so far, and possibly ever outside of the reboots. The sound is phenomenal for its time and the acting has never been better at this point in Star Trek history. This may not be the best of the Trek movies but at least in the next generation time this one was the high point for the series and i’d suggest any fan that hasn’t seen them yet to see this one,and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Just Cause 3

just cause 3

I was never really tried  this series and since it is free in the month of August on PlayStation plus I obviously needed to try. And outside of some major connection issues that don’t actually mess with game play anyway. The controls aren’t great, shooting isn’t very accurate and any car you drive handles like a tank. It also gets a bit repetitive but it is still fun. The ability to grappling hook yourself into the air switch to your chute to gain altitude then switch to a wing suit to fly is absolutely amazing.

The story is quite vague at first but isn’t bad, but I can’t deny the vast amount of my time was spent screwing around which I am not convinced isn’t the point of this game in the first place. While not the best game I have played recently it was without a doubt a fun experience, one i hope many of you will enjoy. Remember, while you are out there, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Batman Vs Superman


I heard a lot of bad things about this movie before I ever saw it.  That being said some of it is exaggerated. Most of it was not. Jessie Eisenberg played his part well. The problem is he played a form of Luthor I don’t think ever existed, and if it did most people are unaware of it. Amy Adams had a performance that was uninspired to say the very least.

I do have to own up to the fact that Ben Affleck is probably the best batman/Bruce in decades, may even be the best not named Conroy.

The visuals were nice as was the music, but aside from that the plot was horrible and at times lacked any real sense to it. For example the very idea that anyone even knew to look for kryptonite? That’s not the sort of thing you stumble across.  I would suggest watching the movie tho as it is fun and entertaining but don’t think to much about it. If you do you will wonder how batman used machine guns to get the jump on superman but somehow wasn’t smart enough to use kryptonite bullets. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Sword In The Storm

sword in the storm

Sword in the Storm is book one of the Rigante series by David Gemmell and is the story of Connovar, the son of a dead man many believe to be a coward. This drives him to do many foolish and downright stupid things at times, but like Legend that i discussed in a previews review it is the starting point for an entire world full of people, cities all with different morals and cultures.

This book will take Connovar on an adventure from childhood to being a young adult on his way to eventually becoming the leader of his people. You will meet a ton of different people including a witch and what is this worlds version of a god, tho there are many variations of them. This one grant wishes but those wishes won’t always turn out how you want and are rarely given away for free, sort of like an old school genie. This series however does have a set order to them and you really do need to stick with that order to truly understand the story. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.