Evil within 2 For The Switch?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners haven’t got long to wait until the horror fest The Evil Within 2 launches on the platforms. The game’s producer Shinji Mikami has told GameSpot that he would be very interested in developing a Nintendo Switch version if he had the chance. That’s not to say it’s happening, but […]

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How many settlers does it take to fix a turret?

This dude always makes me laugh

Game Cosmos Press


The number is eleven, but there is a twist. No one is actually fixing the turret.

Get to work, people! I don’t pay you to watch. In fact, I don’t pay you at all.

– Sole Survivor

Useless lot all o’ya

The settlers of post-apocalyptic Boston aren’t the most creative of people. They inhabit absolutely no entrepreneurship.

fallout 4 calling in help for every little thing.jpg

Everyone needs your f*cking help. As soon as you are done risking your ass, some other ass asks you to risk your ass again. Isn’t it enough that I’ve built you an impenetrable fortress, with a working 4-story elevator, a garden, a fully equipped kitchen stocked with food to last 10 years, a fusion generator, and to top it off, installed a device that removes radiation. REMOVES RADIATON!

Ungrateful bastards.

Why don’t they just pick up a book and learn how to do it themselves? Oh, that’s right. The books have been…

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The Orville


So when I first heard about this show I was instantly intrigued. As most of you know I am a huge Star Trek fan, and this screamed Star trek as a comedy. Seeing a how it is unfair to judge a show off the first episode or 2 I waited 3. Now the show is far from being the best thing on television. That being said I do find myself enjoying it. I like a good ex wife joke which this joke has plenty of seeing as how the captain and his ex wife are in charge of the ship. And while many people are upset with how the third episode “About a girl” handled the concept of a new born child having its gender reassigned at birth and the whole transgender issue I believe the issue was more about how differently cultures few things which I thought it handled very well. The show is going to be hit and miss for many people as most of Seth Macfarlane’s work is, but I for one will be watching, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Revenge of the nerds

revenge of the nerds

My all time favorite comedy that every nerd needs to see at least once. Revenge of the nerds follows two best friends, Louis and Gilbert, that go start Adams College. It’s the school of there dreams, but every for every nerd there’s a jock. Enter the Alpha Betas, the big men on campus, the football players who drunkenly burn there own frat house down. Because they are your stereotypical assholes, they commander the freshmen house, casting them all out, including Louis and Gilbert. The refugees are forced to live in the gym until they get adopted by fraternities of there own; one by one people get taken but the lonely handful of nerds. So they have to band together and find a nice place of there own, but those damn Alpha Betas won’t let them be. For every dick act of the A-Bs, the nerds find a hilarious way to retaliate whether it’s stealing there cheerleaders panties, pouring liquid heat in there jock straps, or kicking there asses in the homecoming carnival. For how funny as hell the movie is, there is a good message I’d like to share with you: if you’re a nerd, be proud. I never forgot that. The nerds are all likable and Louis and Gilbert have great chemistry as best friends. The hi jinks are funny and raunchy but never really vulgar like many of today’s comedies so younger folks can get away with watching it. Overall, if  you need a good laugh I seriously recommend it to get in touch with your inner nerd.



This movie is a solid enough movie with a cool premise to be worth checking out, but I have no clue what to classify this as. It can be a sort of horror monster type movie, but  I also would not argue with comedy. The movie starts with a female cop arriving at a small fishing island that is part of Ireland. After meeting some of the locals our lady hero meets her functional alcoholic partner and tosses him in the drunk tank mostly because she has no clue where he lives.

Eventually our sea monster will appear, an ugly tentacle monster that is allergic to alcohol.So what is a proper Irish lad and lass to do? Well get the entire town drunk so they can keep their blood of course.The movie has some small laughs and is quite charming and while it doesn’t fit into any one category it does everything quite well. I suggest you check this one out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The killing of a sacred deer teaser

sacred deer

So my lil sis told me about a cool trailer she saw a few days ago, so I had to check it out and I gotta say I was intrigued. Colin Farrel and Nicole Kidman star in a “Revenge saga” where Farrel plays a surgeon and Kidman has a family that seems to be in mourning over a wrongfully diseased family member…I think. The trailer was pretty damn vague. I did enjoy the eerie song the girl sings throughout the trailer, not being purposefully creepy like Elm Street but honestly pleasant which makes it more effective. I can’t tell you what I expect but I can tell you it got interested so it did it’s job. I’ll be keeping an eye out on the upcoming trailers for Sacred Deer, but it looks to have promise.

Dead Before dawn

dead before dawn

A high school kid gets stuck watching his grandfathers occult shop with a few simple rules, including don’t touch the vase with human skull attached to it. Of course when the woman of his dreams wants a closer look they gotta go messing with it. After it gets broken and they mock the spirit trapped within the vase, starting at 10 P.M. anyone they look in the eyes commits suicide and comes back as a half zombie half demon. And and yes this movie is as silly as it sounds but luckily it comes of pretty fun if you like comedy horror movies. It never truly takes itself serious but it rarely outright makes fun of itself and the acting it well done so the below average script is more than made up for. If you need a cheap laugh this may be for you, have a good night and may the gaming gods bring you glory.