36 Fragments Of Midnight

36 Fragments Of Midnight is a rather simple concept. You are a little square block, bounce around the map dodging all sorts of traps like saw blades and lasers to collect 36 fragments. The game itself is also kind of simple, in fact, in about an hour you can get a nice shiny platinum trophy. The real questions here are is the game fun and how does it play?

Well, it plays pretty well, at no point did I die and think it was the games fault. Getting around is simply a matter of hitting left and right and using the jump button to jump once or twice. As for fun, eh. I didn’t find it very fun at all. There isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the game, it looks good and plays well I just didn’t enjoy my time with it. For $3 tho, it is worth it for the quick platinum if you are into that sort of thing. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Rogue Aces (PS4)

Rogue Aces is one of the PSN free games for February, its a small game ( less than a gig) so I figured I would try it out. The game is essentially an airplane fighter game, you take off from an aircraft carrier, run quick missions and land again. You get one life, and three planes. I make this distinction because if you fail to eject on time, even with the first plane and die, it is game over. You also get game over if you lose all three ships.

The game seems quite easy, take off, kill stuff, land. There are some advanced things, however, like when you jump out of your plane it is possible to land in an enemy plane and take it as your own, however, the few times I have managed to do this I didn’t see any difference between them and your own.

The graphics and sound are nice but my main issue is honestly the controls are a bit weird at times. A small tap up will occasionally send you up far faster than it previously did and landing is very imprecise. Despite that the game is fun and you should really go check it out, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sony Sells over 91 million Systems

As the clock ticks down on this generation of consoles and rumors fly about next-gen leaks and specs, Sony passes the 91 million units sold mark according to Techradar. These numbers seem to be slowing down, for example, they sold around 800 thousand more this time last year.  Unless there is a sudden massive drop off, this will be the year Sony passes the 100 million mark which is pretty cool. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Xbox Live on IOS Android and Switch?

Yes you read that headline right, and yes it sounds pretty weird but that is the rumor going around due to a session description for a 2019 game development conference. Polygon has more of the finer details about who and how many, but for me, this is both exciting and weird. It could be interesting to be able to combine your online friend’s list to see who is playing what across console or even on the go. Maybe even the potential of Achievements for mobile and Nintendo games? Now all of this is 100% speculation on my part, but it’s all quite exciting. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Distant Worlds, The Journey Continues

It is that time of the week again, where I regale you with tales from deep space, such as this planet I found.

Elite Dangerous_20190130141711

That as you guys know is my ship, the SVG Morning Star. Anyway, after leaving a station in the Omega system I journeyed through many systems.

The journey for me personally has been quite tame, with the exception of my little explosion at The View. That being said its the people on the journey so far that have been interesting. One commander whose name escapes me took severe damage landing on a planet, bad enough he was worried about taking off. He was about 1000 light years from a station and another commander left omega to bring repair limpets to repair his ship, a trip that probably took a decent amount of time. This is just one story of many like it where people will go out of their way to make sure the group makes the trip intact.

After a long journey of about 5-6 thousand light years, I made it to an abandoned settlement where we were set to meet. There plenty of us there, mostly just goofing off at that point since the festivities hadn’t started yet.

Yes, by the way, that one bottom picture is a Krait, the one next to it? Someone landed their Krait on top of their friends Krait. I never found out why, but hey it is what it is. I drove my SRV for a bit, some guy jumped over me, another landed his SRV on my ship. It was a very odd yet interesting time. That honestly is what the trip really is. It is long periods of nothingness and just scanning various planets with occasional interesting moments. In fact, the interaction with people is what does it, similar to most other things. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Why I Am Ignore Next Gen Console Rumors

I am sure you have seen them by now because they are everywhere. They have been for a while now. The new PlayStation can do this, the new Xbox will be named that they both will be in 16k. That last one I made up for the record, nobody quote that. Honestly however that is why I am ignoring them. Specs are always subject to change, so at this point even if the leak is real, and it probably isn’t it is far to early to know how real it is.

The other issue is many times these rumors and leaks come from off-handed comments like the one I made earlier. Someone says we wanted to aim for X standard and people want to take it as fact or report it simply because people want to know and they know it will get them clicks or views. For me, the only real option is to more or less ignore them completely since focusing on them won’t make them come any faster. How do you guys deal with the rumors? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Soda Dungeon (Mobile)

Soda Dungeon is kind of odd. You visit a bar that sells soda, decide you want to be an adventurer but can’t afford it and send a soda addict to go adventuring for you. Not even kidding about that. You then use that money to upgrade the bar (at the request of the owner) so you can attract new people to adventure for you.

The game is honestly kind of boring fast. You unlock more people by increasing your reputation and by unlocking new sodas to bring in new people to send in after new gear and money. I honestly can not recommend this game, it gets boring fast and isn’t all that interesting. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.