Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock


There is an old Star Trek legend that all the odd number movies sucked. I never really thought it was true, but it also isn’t wrong. The search for Spock is basically Star Treks Jesus moment. As many of you know in 2 Spock dies. Well it turns out shooting a dead body onto a Genesis planet brings. A person back to life as a rapidly ageing child. Right before Spock died he did a Vulcan mind meld and essentially passed his soul to McCoy. Which when rapidly ageing baby Spock becomes adult Spock they will go to the Vulcan home world and put his soul back and poof instant return of Spock. I know sounds weird. It was an interesting concept it just doesn’t really fit well into a movie. Only really cool part is them stealing a Klingon Bird Of Prey. Anyway I don’t have much else to say, so as always may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Kahn


The Wrath of Kahn from 1982. Say this to most Trek fans and they will tell you it’s the best of the movies. While i disagree it is definitely up there on the list. We follow Admiral Kirk on a training mission with a mostly new crew, tho the usual suspects are present.

Soon after the movie starts some philosophical conversations happen about age, life and death and various other topics. Eventually it is discovered by Chekhov and his captain that the planet Kahn and his crew Kirk exiled them to underwent a massive change about 6 months after and they barely survived the new wasteland like atmosphere of the planet. Using this opportunity to steal the reliant kahn and his crew attempt to steal secret technology known only as genesis as well as attempt revenge on Kirk.

All of this mostly takes the back seat to what many recognise as the greatest space battle in movie history, as Kirk and Kahn attempt to one up each other while both ships are badly damaged and blind. The ending is probably one of the most emotional moments in Star Trek history when Spock is killed saving the Enterprise crew from Kahns last ditch effort to kill Kirk. As always thanks for joining me and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The X-files I Want To Believe


X-files is one of those shows I wanted to get into as a kid and never did. So last year I sat down and watched it. Wasn’t disappointed, but how does the movie stack up? Well fairly well actually.

The movie starts off with our team gone from the FBI and asked for assistance from a female agent that has been working with a psychic. In true X-files fashion our good doctor Skully is skeptic and Mulder dives all in after being convinced to leave his home since he rightfully now pretty much hates the FBI. A series of weird disappearances and murders lead them in a typical chase to discover the truth. I won’t say much more about the plot as to avoid spoilers, but if you were a fan of the T.V. show you will love this movie. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory

American Fable


Sometimes a movie is simply boring. This is one of those movies. Well over 50 minutes (over half way) into the movie and really nothing has gone on besides a farmer hanging himself off screen. Only reason the viewer knows it they speak of it. Lots of poor farming families, including the focal point of the family. Typical family. Mom,dad 1 boy and 1 girl. The family secret is dad is hiding a package. Dad gets hurt and mom and broski pick up hiding the package. Small issue, the package is an old guy that the daughter is making friends with. The movie does pick up later but honestly its far to little far to late and is not worth the wait. There are very few movies I will openly say no-one should watch, but this is one of them. The acting is fine, the visuals are nice as is the sound. But the story itself is just horrible and I can’t stress this enough, a very large part of this movie is nothing interesting. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Beyond The Gate


Hey who likes B movies that look straight out of the 80’s that are so bad they are good? If you said yes to that question you will probably like this movie. The acting is somewhere between bad and acceptable and the movie effects would be gorgeous back in 1986. The sound is of pretty good quality while still keeping with the time frame they were aiming for.

The story has a fun concept. Two brothers grew up with an alcoholic for a father. One is the typical loser in a small town the other left home to a bigger city meets a girl and buys a home. Of course dad goes missing for about 7 months and its up to them to reunite and clean out the video store dad bought when they were kids. Having never bought into the new scary DVD format his store is all VHS tapes. For you young people i have included a photo of a VHS tape.


Ok kids you all caught up on what a VHS tape is? Good. Anyway, a long time ago some board games came with one of these relics and you followed along. When they find one such game in dads office they are dragged into what is basically horror Jumanji. I won’t spoil the gory details, and I mean literal gory, but the movie does suffer from a few minor issues. Most notably the pacing. In a short movie, less than an hour and a half, the first hour is basically set up for what amounts to a 20 minute ending. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

It Follows Review


It Follows is, as weird as it sounds, the story of a sexually transmitted curse. Once you have it something will follow you and if it catches you it kills you. Now in a weird twist it then works back down the list. I know sounds weird but follow me. Person A gives it to person B. Then B gives it to C. If C dies it will then go after B then after A. The only real escape is to pass it to someone else and hope they pass it to enough people you are safe.

The acting in the movie is solid, while not scary they do a pretty solid job of keeping the suspense up there. There are also some nice plot twist and surprises as well. The real thrill in this for me is it felt like a good old fashioned horror movie. Granted the random nudity and insane body count is missing but that really just helped the movie on this one. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek The Motion Picture

star trek

The first star trek movie is considered by many to be one of the worst in the series. Honestly I have a hard time arguing that. It is just a standard Star Trek episode in movie form, but it does come across as rather week. The acting is what you would expect an for 1979 the movie looks outright amazing.

The story goes like this, cloud that blows up some Klingon ships then heads for Earth. The newly built Enterprise must intercept it. The usual crew is there minus spock, whom shows up later anyway to rejoin the crew. The doctor is also recalled to duty, or in his words drafted.

I know this is a short review but honestly there isn’t much to the movie. Mostly just getting used to a new ship, some minor event and a straightforward story. Not the best trek movie, may even be the worst one, but still a pretty decent movie. As always thanks for joining me and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Independence Say:Resurgence


This is one of those movies I wanted years ago. Few years later I gave up, and a few years after that here we go. As bummed as I was Will Smith was missing I happily gave the movie a chance. I won’t say the movie was bad, simply disappointing. It looks good, the acting was solid and the sounds were what you would expect. The story itself was just meh and most of the returning cast were relegated to basically being cameo level.

A few things bothered me about this movie. For example they seem tremendously surprised that there are other aliens besides what attacked in the first movie. And of course the first thing these idiots do is attack it. Another issue for me was with 20 years of prep time not a single person though hey maybe maybe an actual space battleship of some kind would be a good plan. All my complaints aside tho its not a bad movie for what it is. As always thanks for joining me and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Children


The children is about 2 families going on vacation together for Christmas. The visuals and sound are nice and the acting itself is solid. That is about the end of nice things I have to say about this movie.

When the kids contract some sort of virus they start murdering the adults. ┬áNot sure why the adults never get sick, or why this movie felt like it took forever to watch but it did. Some times people just have to do their best with the script they are given, and this time it doesn’t matter how good everything else is, the movie simply was not good and you should avoid it. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Other Side of The Door


The Other Side of the Door is a typical horror movie in pretty much every way imaginable. That’s not to say its bad because it most certainly is not. The main plot is the mother and her son and daughter get into a car accident and go off a bridge. The son is trapped and can’t escape and the mother must make the horrific choice to leave her son to save her daughter as the car fills with water. After which the mother attempts to join her son by taking way to many pills, but her husband saves her. A nurse tells her of an old temple that will allow her to speak to her son one last time but there is one catch. No matter what she can’t open the door.

Well of course this wench opens the damn door and releases her now evil sons spirit into the world where it proceeds to kill people and terrorise his still living sister. The plot is pretty standard but the visuals are nice and so is the creepy sound. Strong acting also helped quite a bit. While not some amazing movie, its worth a watch. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.