The eyes of my mother


This movie is evidence I love you guys. I watched this piece of cinema shit so you don’t have to. And you shouldn’t. Ever. For any reason other than money or sex. And the sex better be upper tier high quality sex. So lets get to the review of this flaming bag of garbage.

First and foremost while not a big deal for me the movie is in black and white. The story starts off with a little girl talking to a man outside when mom comes to see him. He asked to come inside to use the bathroom and ┬álike an idiot mom says yes. As you would assume from a movie listed as horror psycho here kills mom and dad comes home knocks him out and locks him in the barn. Turns out they aren’t going to kill him since he is the little girls only friend. Fast forward a few years and dad dies of natural causes, dude is still locked in the barn and now little girl is young bat shit crazy woman. Nothing much ever materialises after this. Time passes some dumb stuff happens and the movie moves on to the end with psycho girl killing a few people and kidnapping a baby. The acting sucks the sound is worse and it fails in every way to be entertaining or overly artistic. Avoid this movie, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Multiplayer gaming


Playing some battlefield 1 with Torsten the last few days just for fun. We aren’t all that great at the game, probably average on a good day and one round we won best squad. We thought it was pretty cool but it made me wonder how many professional gamers started off exactly like that. Whether its an Overwatch or Call of duty style game there are always a mix of people playing seriously and others just slamming planes into shit, for example I slam them into buildings and Torsten hits trees.

This raises a question for me, should more games have dedicated ranked matches that people like me simply aren’t allowed into? Most sports games have them and honestly I never use them, hell I get stomped half the time playing random games.

This weird phenomenon happens in other games as well. Fighting, call of duty black ops, battlefield 4 the list goes on and one where me and friends play and while we aren’t exactly screwing other players over with our shenanigans we aren’t really trying to win either. Just some random thoughts. Thanks for your time and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star trek (reboot)


So here we are. The Star Trek reboot. I can’t lie as a huge trek fan the very idea of a reboot pissed me off. These assholes aren’t Kirk and the crew. This was blasphemy of the highest order for most fans.

So I sat down and watched what I KNEW was going to be an abomination. Few minutes in all i’m thinking is oh great another Romulan this time named Nero. This already sucks. Oh yay birth of Kirk. Who gives a damn.

Then Sabotage by the beastie boys hits. This is ok. Few minutes later we are in a bar and Kirk utters one of my favorite lines in the movie. “Well,not only” in reference to being told she thought he only had sex with farm animals.

This is one of those times I will admit I was wrong. The movie is great. Simple as that. The story is great, the explanation behind the reboot is theoretically sound as far as a movie explanation goes. Visually it is beautiful and the acting is great. While I don’t suggest going into this movie expecting the usual Star Trek movie it absolutely does the series justice. As always thanks for your time and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Medieval Life (Mobile)


I don’t expect much from free games, that is even more true on mobile devices. But this one is just, well bad if I am being honest. There is very little to do, fighting is nothing more than tapping a button as a bar moves in hopes that your bar is higher than theirs. You buy a new weapon as you level up which allows your bar to go higher and you collect money by killing monsters and selling what I can only assume is their bodies. Earning experience is slow, a couple for each kill and more when you buy furniture for your house, and no that is not a joke. I would advise you to avoid this game. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek Nemesis


Before Tom Hardy was Bane or Venom, he was Shinzon, a Remon that managed to take over the Romulan Empire. The last of the Star Trek movies before the reboot is thought by many to be the worst. Tho I think most of them forget that the motion picture exist. As far as acting goes this is one of the best, as are the visuals.

The story itself is a bit weird. It is quickly revealed that Shinzon is in fact a clone of Picard made by the Romulans and isn’t a Remon at all.

What follows is the usual Star Trek shtick where the evil romulans and Shinzon attempt to destroy the earth and Picard and crew must stop them. Now the movie itself isn’t bad its simply all been done before. By all means watch it to finish out the movies, but don’t start here. Or maybe do, maybe if you start with Nemesis you will think its a better movie. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous, My Time Exploring


My time exploring honest took far longer than I would have liked. Not that I have anything against exploring, just only expected it not to take as long. What I thought would be a few days traveling to the center of the galaxy and back took almost a month. Scanning and jumping gets old quick but the sights are great. Found a system with five stars in it for example.

I can’t lie, there were times I simply didn’t give a damn about scanning. over 50 thousand light years is an insanely long trip to make and at times I felt almost like the rest of the game would never exist for me again. With all that said I got home with what felt like very little money, tho it was 70 million credits. That sounds like a lot but admittedly it won’t even buy you a mid range ship and I imagine you could make far more doing almost anything else in the same time it takes to travel that distance and scan hundreds of systems.

Suffice it to say it will be awhile before making another such journey but everyone should travel at least a few thousand light years from the bubble just for the experience. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek Insurrection

Star Trek insurrection.jpg

Star Trek Insurrection to many seems to be a horrible movie and I do admit its not quite what most trek movies are. While I do not agree the movie was bad I do understand why a lot of people seem to dislike it. Back in the late 90’s when most movies and t.v. shows were ramping up the action Insurrection mostly did not. It Starts with Data seemingly disobeying orders from a mystery woman ends up revealing a massive conspiracy with the federation and Son’a against a small civilization. And without giving to much away, and as you would have guessed anyway our good captain Picard won’t stand for that. What follows are various jokes, space battles and everything else you would expect from a trek movie. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.