30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow

30 days 3

We come to the third book of the 30 days of night series and arguably my favorite of the series I’ve read so far. We pick up with the town of Barrow, Alaska three years after the vampires attacked. Brian Kitka comes to the town with his young son to become the new sheriff and discover why his brother’s family really died. He soon discovers the legends of what happened in Barrow was real, and the vampires never left. They want revenge for not only the death of there kin but also to finally erase the knowledge of there existence. But Barrow won’t go  down without a fight. The story is a good blend of gory action and a good plot. You don’t necessarily have to read the first two books to get the gist but I would recommend it just because the end reveal ties the story together into a nice little trilogy.

Special shout out to a special friend “Violet”, it’s her birthday today; thank you for the support. Thank you all out there supporting us and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Walking Dead Telltale Season 1

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Like most Telltale games such as Game of Thrones Telltales Review or Tales from the Borderlands The Walking Dead tells the story in a popular world that lets you make various choices, some will change the story but most will just only give the illusion of change. For example early on there is a choice of how to deal with a guy caught in a bear trap, but how you choose to deal with only really changes who who turns into a zombie to attack you later.

The story itself follows Lee and a little girl name Clementine as they attempt to survive in a world filled with zombies, cannibals bandits and all kinds of other dangers. The game itself is actually well done and interesting, plus for you that enjoy trophy hunting its an easy platinum/achievement points. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Solo Trailer review

When I heard Han Solo was getting his own spin-off movie, my eyes rolled. More Star Wars. The seesaw of my love/ hate relationship with Star Wars tittered towards hate once again after pulled weighed towards love again by the The Force Awakens . Though the small teaser we got during this year’s Superbowl looked promising, and Star Wars wasn’t a cinematic powerhouse, my statement still stands. I always wondered a bit about Han Solo but I don’t think he really needs a full length movie. In the end, I will give it the benefit of the doubt. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)


Lethal Weapon 2 finds Riggs and Murtaugh chasing down a South African diplomat using his diplomatic immunity to cover his crimes. While totally unrealistic is still kind of fun.

The formula has slightly changed this time around tho. Riggs while still kind of crazy seems to be no longer suicidal which while is nice for him and his character growth does make him seem crazy for no real reason at this point and now just seems like an idiot.

The movie is still fun, and the relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh is fun as always tho the tradition of Riggs having rought luck with women and Murtaugh’s family being threatened will pretty much be a staple of the movies at this point. It works but it won’t much change from here on out. The stories will change, how will change, but this this will basically stay. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


A Quiet Place Trailer

So how did everyone enjoy the Superbowl? While trailers were a plenty, of all I saw on YouTube, it was this trailer that caught my attention most of all: a horror movie that looks to try something a little different. A family that has to live in total silence or some force will come and kill them, I assume. Granted, while  IT was great and It comes at night were innovative and tried, we also got plenty of bullshit like Wish Upon and other simple crap. The only thing that worries me is apparently Michael Bay is a producer, such as he was for many a failed horror remakes throughout last decade. Not saying his name is a death sentence but still…don’t judge til you watch one. I’m really excited for this movie and I can’t wait. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Goon:The Last of the Enforcers (2016)

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The 2nd Goon movie takes place a bit after the first. For a quick refresher you can check out my review of the first one here. Goon (2011) Doug and  Eva are now married and the NHL is having a but of a lock out. The movie starts out with our enforcer friend getting hurt in a fight that he loses, and he loses badly.

This movie is less about hockey and more about Doug and his struggle to come to terms with his life outside of hockey. Suffering from a career ending injury with a kid on the way and working a job in the insurance industry he hates starts to take its toll.

Of course with some training and work he finds his way back on the ice, and the name last of the enforcers will make sense by the end of the movie. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first, but it is funny and fun for hockey fans. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

30 days dark days

Soon is my birthday and I feel kind of nostalgic, that being said one of my first reviews was for 30 days of night . I’m a huge fan of the graphic novel and I’m in love with the art and just the idea of isolation with these damn vampires.

The second book picks up with Stella, one of the last survivors of the massacre at Barrow. She wrote a novel of her account of the vampires, and that has made her a target. Stella has made it her life’s goal to out the vampires with a small group of experts. On the outside, she is a strong badass but she does mourn Eben after he sacrificed himself to kill the head vampire of the group in Barrow. Well, this sacrifice comes at a price because the head vampire’s main squeeze just so happens to be really feared vampire royalty…think Eclipse if it was gory, and actually awesome.

I have to say I enjoy Dark Days more than the first. It is longer and there is much more character development as well as a healthy dose of action. I didn’t see the movie for it but I can say if you liked the first, it’s worth checking out, and I have to say the end is really well done. May the gaming gods bring you glory and enjoy the sun.