Persona 5 Review


Persona 5 is one of those games most people won’t play outside of RPG fans, and they are missing out on one of the best gaming experiences in a very long time. The story starts with the main character moving in with a guy due to some event that saw him expelled from school and put on probation. What will follow is a story of love, betrayal, and numerous other topics from a teachers inappropriate treatment of students to the mob and politics.

The game is beautiful full of color and life with a plethora of places to go and visit. Batting cages, fishing, eateries movies etc. See fighting battles isn’t the only part of this game. You will actually go through many day to day activities including studying for school and hanging out with friends and many other activities, to many to really get into.

The sound is equally amazing, with music setting the tone properly on every level and nice voiceover work. If I had any complaint about the game its that it is actually to long. 100 hours in and I still have not finished the game. But lets be honest, if that is the games biggest issue, and I believe it is, then the gaming gods have truly guided its creation. May they bring you glory.


Salem’s Lot

Salems lot

Ah welcome to best and worst of Vampires part 2 (see my Dracula and Twilight reviews for part 1.) So as I said in my Cujo review, I was going to be covering a little more Stephen King and since the Dark Tower movie approaches, I thought this would be a great time to hit up Salem’s Lot, which comes into play towards the end of the series with Don Callahan, one of our main characters.

Salem’s Lot was Stephen King’s second novel after his huge success with Carrie, about how the quiet town of Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine is quietly taken over by a Vampire named Kurt Barlow and his assistant Straker who move into the “haunted” Marsten House. You notice how I kind of emphasized the word quiet? Well, Salem’s Lot is a quiet book. Do not read this if you are expecting a bloodbath, rich emo kids that sparkle, or vampires that turn into giant bat creatures and fight werewolves for the fate of the universe or some shit like that. Hell, King’s vampires in this are pretty typical. Pale, fangs, lure you to let them in, crosses, holy water, sunlight, and only come out at night- the classic vampire mold. And that’s not a bad thing, because we are given relatable characters and a simple setting many of us either live in or can picture and how it can be creepy or unsettling.

The story centers around Ben Mears, a famous writer who grew up in the lot and returned to it after twenty five years to write about the Marsten House that scared him as a kid. He becomes friends with old Matt Burke, a teacher, and gets the hots for Susan Norton, a young college grad who’s a fan of his. Ben finds out a man named Barlow bought the old Marsten house for his antique furniture business but no one has seen him, just his partner Richard Straker. Not soon after, people start disappearing and others start dying but don’t stay that way. Soon it’s up to Ben, Matt, Sue, young Mark Petrie, Dr. Jim Cody, and struggling father Don Callahan to ban together and finish the undead crisis weeping through quiet little Jerusalem’s Lot before they become next in Barlow’s horde.

Movies have been made about this book and/ or mini series but you’re better off just reading it. It’s a decent vampire story that’s well written, has some genuine chills in it. If you want a decent adaptation that frankly ain’t a adaptation, I recommend checking out the anime Shiki. Both are pretty damn similar but Shiki gives you some darker pathos and a six episode slaughter-fest at the end, but as one of my favorite high school teachers used to say, I digress. Definately check out Salem’s Lot if you’re a Stephen King fan or want a good classic vampire story without the goth romance tropes that have become commonplace in vampire fiction (and anime fans, check out Shiki).

Playstation Now

playstation now

The idea behind this was one I was very excited about. Hundreds of games i could stream sort of like a gaming Netflix? Any gamer and even more so for one that runs a blog would find this insanely appealing.  Since there is a 7 day free trial I said screw it, nothing to lose here.

So here i how this went, I picked my first game, Civilization Revolution. I don’t know how well this will work so i picked a game I was very familiar with. First a pretty minor issue, streaming a game was bound to come with some graphical degradation and lag. After all we are talking button commands movement etc.    I tried a couple round then switched to a racing game, none of which had bad enough lag issues to make a game unplayable or even more difficult.

The issue is it took multiple to even get a game to start, at least 3 or 4 each time. Worse there always seems to be a 5 minute wait or so while you wait since only so many people can play a game at a time. And yes it gets worse, sometimes, more often than i’d like, the game will randomly drop before you can start after the wait, and you have to start all over again. Now these issues may seem little more than an annoyance, but for $20  month I would expect better than a service than Sony supplies on this. As always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


cujo book

So with Stephen King movies returning to the spotlight of the silver screen after way too long with the long anticipated Dark Tower movie in August and the equally anticipated remake of It in September, I’ll cover some King on the way. I’ve heard it confirmed that Cujo will have a cameo in the Dark Tower film (before his turn I imagine, I’d like to think a rabid St. Bernard wouldn’t get too far in New York City.) so I figured why not not start with this underrated King classic.

Cujo is a simple, confined story of a mother and son trapped in there busted down car in the middle of a empty farmhouse at the mercy of the blazing summer and a massive, diseased St. Bernard gone insane after getting bitten on the nose by a rabid bat. The Trenton family, mom-Donna, dad-Vic, and young son Tad are a reasonably happy young family living in the small burg of Castle Rock, Maine, at least at first. Donna had an affair with tennis player, furniture fixer uper, and total douchebag  Steve Kemp. On top of dealing with Donna’s infidelity and his Ford Pinto breaking down all the time, Vic’s small advertising business is caught up in a scare involving defective breakfast cereal and the backlash of legal weight accompanying it, putting everything Vic worked so hard for and his family’s lively hood at stake. Vic has to go away to try to save his business, leaving Donna to go to the town mechanic’s house in a last ditch effort to save that dying Pinto with her son. Joe Cambers is the town mechanic, and a abusive alcholic; Charity, Joe’s wife, wins a small lotto pool and tries to use the money to take herself and there son Brett up to her well to do sister’s place and disappear from Joe’s assholery. He agrees to let her go, planning on going into town with his buddy and scoring some hookers and booze while the wife and kid’s away. This just leaves us to the most tragic character, the lovable St. Bernard Cujo. He’s kind and loves his family but sadly chased the wrong rabbit, ramming his head into the wrong hole where the fateful bats lurked. Cujo slowly loses his mind, his slow, loving nature deteriorates into relentless crimson hate and a lust for blood. When Donna and Tad venture up to the Cambers house on the outskirts of town, Cujo has already slaughtered Joe Chambers and his buddy and will not stop until he kills the Trentons.

So, for the most part the book and movie are similar, though I will recommend the book over the movie for two critical reasons. The first being Cujo’s change which King hauntingly narrates through the big dog’s perspective, being both tragic but also more frightening as the dog almost comes to symbolize the devil coming to make Donna pay for her lustful sins. The second reason is the ending to the book is more heartbreaking but more harrowing than the movie’s. In the movie, Donna pulls a unconscious, dehydrated, and overexposed Tad into the house, giving him CPR desperately until Cujo appears where she finds Joe’s shotgun and blows Cujo’s filthy, bloody ass away, Tad wakes up, happy ending. Well, the book says F you happy ending. Donna has had several severe infected wounds from the mutt; Tad never wakes up and dies scared wanting his daddy; Donna beats Cujo to death in the hot sun until Vic and the police pull her off of him. By no means is the movie bad, it’s actually a solid movie and the imagery of the dog is terrifying as hell.

cujo movie

There is a flaw either way: it drags a bit either in book or film. The book handles it a little better. I’d suggest shortening it but it’s already a little over 350 pages which is short as hell for any Stephen King story. I have to say, I hope the rumors of a remake are false because a lot of this story would be null in void if told in our modern day (one cell phone call- end of story in twenty minutes.) Definately pick up the book or catch the movie on netflix and may the gaming gods bring you glory and don’t send Cujo on your asses.

Mega man Collection 2

mega man colection 2

After playing the first Mega Man Collection I am admittedly excited for this for many reasons. First, the other collection was done amazingly well. Second, and it pains me to say this, I have not played any of the games in this collection which will include 7-10 as well as stage remixes , online leader boards and a music player not to mention all the add on content for Mega mans 9 and 10. August will be a good month for Mega Man fans.  Good luck, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Ok, so I admit I first bought this because it was 3 bucks during a PlayStation sale and it reminded me of a weird music game I got with a P.O.D CD back in 2004. Laserlife revolves around the skeleton of a spaceman floating around the cosmos. We play as two streams of consciousness as we reconnect his memories and learn more about the spaceman through various psychedelic mini games. I cannot lie, this game is a beautiful, vibrant acid trip and a half. You control each stream with your control stick and essentially  fly them through pretty colored clusters or avoid pix elated memory blocks. It is fun, simple but more challenging than you would think at times, testing your hand-eye coordination pretty intensely each memory. It’s a calming change of pace from most common games nowadays but it is short. If you find it on sale, go for it, but I discourage paying the full $20 price tag for it.

Mega Man Collection

mega man collection

Oh Mega Man, you beautiful blue bastard. A long time ago, when I was a small kid,I got Mega man 3 for Christmas. That was my first of many experiences with Mega Man. This collection was a huge surprise for me as i didn’t know it existed until it was released.

The collection contains Mega Man 1 through 6 and also has a museum and a fun challenge mode. The experience hasn’t much changed in all these years, 1 is still fun but a complete pain in the ass and 2 is still has magical as it has always been. That being said these games are old and they at times feel their age, the sound while amazing on the nostalgia front it is still outdated as are the graphics which for many will be a great thing, others may find it annoying. personally I loved it and will play it many more times i’m sure, I highly recommend checking this out if you are either a retro gamer or simply a fan of gaming history.