Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review

Blade Runner 2049 Review First, let it be said that I am a huge Philip K. Dick fan. That wily wordsmith with his mind-bending perspective on the world of tomorrow told some of the most influential science fiction tales of all-time. We need go no further than Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the source…

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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

Picking up where the first Cabin Fever left off with Shawn Hunter..ok the guy who played him playing someone else, getting hit by a school bus. The worlds worst cop returns to brag about the time a moose got hit by a car and ended up in a lady’s front seat and swears up and down the bus hit a moose not a person.

Yea that is basically how this movie is going to go. From here the movie basically turns into the usual high school drama movie except one of the students is also a stripper. Who also in the worlds weirdest revenge plot gives a nerd a blow job in the school bathroom…maybe not quite the usual high school drama stuff.

As prom night gets closer the worlds worst cop starts to figure out that maybe the illness is spreading and tracks down a water truck shipment.

Honestly I am going to skip ahead. As entertaining as the movie is at times most of the details are pretty par for the course. Nothing is all that new until prom, so lets go there.

Here we are. Prom night. After a small fight it turn out some group I can only assume is the CDC shows up with guns, locks the doors and begins to toss in tear gas and begins to kill every living person they can find. As our main characters try to escape more and more people are killed.

The end of this movie is an actual blood bath. There is blood and death everywhere. And of course 1 person once again escapes. I can’t say the movie is good, but it is fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

It comes at night

it comes at night

It comes at night was a strange instance where the trailer was misleading as hell but the poster kinda tells you more than any trailer did. The trailers made me think I was going to get something like a zombie movie or maybe a tripped out torture flick, but if I had to categorize it, I’d say it’s kinda like the Shining on Meth.

The story centers around a interracial family of father Paul, wife Sarah, and 17 year old son Travis living in their house in the woods after some kind of viral outbreak occurred. We never learn what the virus does, where it comes from, how it spreads, or even the magnitude of the outbreak. All we really know it’s highly contagious and you get purplish-gray welts and get really pale. Paul and Travis take Sarah’s father outside after he contracts the disease and execute him, burning his body after. Later that night, there’s an intruder. Paul wounds him, and takes him into the woods to interrogate him. After a tense discussion and questioning, we discover the man’s name is Will and he wanted food and supplies for his starving family, wife Kim and young son Andrew. These families join together and for a while live in harmony, but tensions begin to build as they cling to themselves and there fears beyond the red door…

I’ve seen the reviews, more scatter-fucked than shotgun pellets flying off of a tilt-a-whirl. Some love this movie, some hate it. I loved it but I really wouldn’t debate anyone who said it sucked. Joel Edgerton gave a great performance as Paul, and the chemistry between everyone is fluid and genuine. I love how quiet, and isolated it is; I absolutely love the ambiguity and the tense fear that escalates from isolation and paranoia. Seriously, don’t watch the trailers. Overall, I loved this movie but I only recommend it if you enjoy slow, suspense driven films; stay away if you’re looking for a action packed gorefest. As always thank you and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cube (1997)

So I’m on twitter the other day and this guy I occasionally talk to informed me this 1997 classic..yea I say classic its 20 years old,is now on Netflix. (I will get to the other movie when I have time to read a movie)

Cube is essentially the movie that started the whole Saw movie thing. Don’t believe me? Go watch it. Or just read the general plot.

The movie starts off with people waking up not knowing where they are, with people they don’t know. Quickly they discover they are free to roam their general area but must find a way out of the building they are in. The building is square rooms, that all look basically the same of various colors with numbers near all the hatch doors.

I am sure you are wondering where the Saw part comes in. Well certain rooms have various traps set up to kill you, for example one of the escape experts gets his face burned off with a sort of acid spray.

Yes I did say escape expert. There is also an ex cop, a doctor what can only be described as an idiot savant and an office worker that designed the shell of the cube itself.

Added to all this is their struggle to decipher the connection between the traps and the numbers between rooms and how to get out of this death trap. It isn’t hard to see how this could be the father of the Saw movies, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



I tried man. I really did. The story is fascinating; the graphics are really good. But this wasn’t for me. The story revolves around a dude named Simon Jarret who was in a car crash that killed his girlfriend and left him with brain damage. He signs up for the new kind of experimental treatment that way save his life…he wakes up miles under the ocean in a broken down aquatic lab with machines haunted by the delusion they are really human. Many of the machines we come in contact with react just like people, but there are other things entirely. We discover from a mysterious Catherine that Simon was part of a group who had had there total consciousnesses fused to robot forms and the line between what it means to be man and machine becomes blurred…

As I said. the story is definitely there. Graphically it looks pretty and I could appreciate the nods to Bioshock and Alien in the environmental design. Gameplay wise is the killer. There is a heavy stealth base- no weapons, just hide or run. Everything I faced up to that point, I simply just had to outrun them. Most of my experience with the game was me trying to figure out where the hell to go. Overall, if you enjoyed Outlast or Amnesia (Frictional Games’s previous horror hit) give this a shot but if you want a horror game with stealth and bite, this ain’t your stick. As always thank you and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Haunting Of Whaley House (2013)

First thing first. I don’t want to waste any ones time. If you aren’t a fan of really slow movies that won’t get interesting until later, skip this movie. It wasn’t until around the hour mark the movie was anything much more than people standing around a haunted house.

With that out of the way, Penny takes a job at the Whaley House, the most haunted house in America. After some weird day at work and telling her friends they get excited and convince her to use her key to enter the house at night for a ghost hunt.

Yea I know, this is why friends are a bad idea. Anyway after calling a cousin with some ghost hunting equipment whom brings a pretty famous psychic and away we go….

Ok honestly at this point they mostly wonder around the house talking about ghost related stuff like cold spots and vortexes.

A bit later it gets a little more exciting and the ghost do more things and it really gets into the lore and back story of why this haunted house is even haunted in the first place. By all means if you like a good movie with some build up check this movie out, but I realise many of you like more excitement. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

R.I.P Visceral Games

visceral games

This will be short and sweet, R.I.P Visceral Games. EA officially announced the crew behind the amazing Dead Space trilogy is shutting down. This brought me down pretty hard. Dead Space was a game that, as a horror fan and sci-fi nerd, delivered everything I could really ever want and did it with love. Another Visceral game I find really underrated is Dante’s Inferno. The dark but alarming adaptation made me rush out and find my own copy of epic poem. To me, Visceral games were a huge part of my PS3 experience and some of the last games to really inspire me.


R.I.P Visceral Games, you will be missed.