Carrie (1976)


Not sure what anyone expected from Stephen King, but Carrie is just a demented story. The book is even worse than the movie to be 100% honest. We start out in gym class playing some volleyball. Sadly poor Carrie sucks at sports and the other girls know it, so they hit the ball her way and game loss. Later in the shower Carrie, who is in the middle of the type of super religious upbringing that would make Scientologist tell her mom to lighten the hell up, gets her period. The problem is she has no idea what this is, thinks she is dying and freaks the hell out. You can imagine how this goes for a high school girl. She gets pelted with pads and tampons and towels.

The gym teacher doesn’t like this and severally punishes the girls for how they treat Carrie and this leads to eventually the usual prom trick of guy asks girl to prom that he doesn’t like just to play a vicious trick. There is a small problem, our girl Carrie has some um.. special abilities that involve how do we say moving things with her mind and unexpectedly disassembling items..and people.

The movie is considered a classic horror movie for a reason, the story is great, the acting is great and for its time the effects are great. Some of it is a bit cliché but for its time I suppose much of it was new, Regardless if you like the genre there is no reason not to check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


My Top 7 PlayStation 2 Survival Horror Games — 16-Bit Dad

Survival Horror has always been one of my favourite genres when it comes to video games. There’s just something about the innate fear and adrenaline rush that these games give you that makes me come back for more. No matter if they are more action focused or designed to just get under your skin, Survival Horror…

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My 5 favorite movies in the MCU

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I’ve been asked 1,000 times, what do I like better: Marvel or DC? I can’t pick. I love both of them for similar and different reasons. But when it comes to movies, the MCU regions supreme. Here’s 5 of my personal favorites. In no particular order let’s begin with…

dr strange 1. Doctor Strange- ever since I read Dr Strange & Dr Doom: Triumph and Torment I’ve grown to love the beautiful and weird exploits of the the sorcerer supreme and I was ecstatic to hear Benedict Cumberbatch was playing him; as a Strange fan, I was really pleased and it’s mind blowing as hell in IMAX 3D.

gotg v2 2. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2- This was a really tough pick between the first and second but the second has a deeper story and a much better villain in Ego…also Baby Groot is freakin adorable, he seriously maybe the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

avengers 3. Avengers – you can’t beat the once and probably future king of superhero flicks. While Iron Man is also a phenomenal movie, as well as the underated Incredible Hulk but watching Hulk slam Loki around like a rag-doll- truly epic.

spiderman homecoming 4. Spider-man: Homecoming – Spider-man maybe the coolest, most versatile superhero out there but at the end, he’s a regular kid and Homecoming gave us that: he’s Spider-man at Homecoming. Nothing fancy, no overblown world building, and Holland’s portrayal is spot on. Plus, growing up with Batman it was great to have Michael Keaton back in a super role, and as Vulture nonetheless, one of my favorite Spidey bad guys was a huge treat.

avengers 3 5. Avengers: Infinity War – I laughed, I almost cried, and I couldn’t help thinking about the movie on a whole hours, even days after seeing it. As a nerd I freaked out in joy and I give credit, it may be my favorite of the Avengers trilogy…

I hope you all enjoyed this list, may the gaming gods bring you glory, and as a great man always said : EXCELSIOR!

Xbox E3 Plans, For Now.


This week we heard a bit from Phil Spencer of and Microsoft plans for E3. He pointed out things do change of course, but for now he said we should be seeing some support for Japanese developers. This would be a nice thing to see as a JRPG fan as they have mostly been missing for the Xbox One. While we have all heard the joke about where are the Xbox games, mostly because of the lack of exclusives. Now we all know the jokes are mostly just that, jokes. However like most jokes there is a bit of truth to them, and this year at E3 Microsoft seems to be taking it a bit more seriously. For more info you can read here.  Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


5 games I Still Haven’t Beat, Yet Again.

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Awhile back I did a list of 5 games I still hadn’t beat 5 Games I Never beat, But I Need To and I figure it is about time I update the list, partly because I have accomplished  some of it. But I have also added to the list. So without further delay, 5 games I need to beat, again.

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I really could have put any of the Phantasy Star games except 4 on here honestly, but I put 2 because why not. I love the series, the story is amazing and well done. I just never get the chance to play thru the games. I always say I will get around to it, but if I am being honest with myself I probably won’t.

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Dragons Dogma is a fun game with a great story and good combat system. It is challenging and rewarding with some cool concepts. There is no reason I shouldn’t have played thru it already except that I have not, and I don’t know why.

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Romancing Saga 2, that fun JRPG that lets you plau thru the ages to tackle the forces of evil. A true classic in the series. I got nothing on this one either, this game is right up my alley and I enjoy it tremendously. But I don’t find the time to get to the end.

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I always enjoyed the Resident Evil story line, But the earlier games I could just not sit down and play. The tank controls and the idiotic puzzles just killed it for me. I always tell myself I will sit down and get myself thru it, and I know I need to do it. Some day I hope I can make it.

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Darkest Dungeon is a fun game, I never understood why people insist it is so insanely hard tho it is harder than many games. I just always get side tracked and forget about this one. That being said its a fun game with a great art style and is a joy to play.

Thats it, 5 more games I need to beat an hopefully will get around to. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Fight Club

fight club book

There’s one quote that comes to mind, made synonymous with this story: “Rule one, don’t talk about Fight Club. Rule number two, don’t talk about Fight Club.” And weirdly enough because of the movie, we do…

Fight Club is a strange story of a hapless white collar smuck who hates his boring, meaningless, empty life. The only solace he gets is wandering into support groups where he meets up screwed up Marla, a woman he is fascinated by but too meek to really engage. Until one night he meets Tyler Durden, his exact opposite. Cool, badass, mischievous, and outspoken. They come to a conclusion, start a Fight Club to make them feel alive and get out there frustrations; this soon becomes a new kind of revolution on it’s own, albeit a malevolent one. Durden is a full scale Anarchist and wants to tear the world down and our weak narrator is in the middle, trying to stop the only real friend he ever had.

Fight Club is a strange beast, it’s such a BRO story with some strong philosophic innards, enough to satisfy both demographics. I read the book as well as saw the movie. The book is written very strangely I admit, Palahnuik’s writing style takes a bit of getting used to but becomes addictive once you get immersed and the end feels more appropriate. The movie is stylish and damn near perfect but I do like the book ending better and the expansion to the characters themselves in the book. Either way, Fight Club is a messed up story  that is irresistible as hell and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee player breaks 14-year-old Target Test record — Pokémon Blog

An ultra-dedicated Super Smash Bros. Melee player has managed to break a 14-year record for the Nintendo GameCube fighting game’s Target Test mode. Joseph “Savestate” El-Khouri set a new record for Link’s run, which he completed in 3.52 seconds – 0.03 seconds faster than the previous record set in 2004 by a Japanese player named […]

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