Easy A

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Easy A is a movie about a high school girl that learns the hard way that not only do you have to be careful what you tell you friends, you also have to be careful where you tell them. In an attempt to get out of a weekend with her friend and her weird family she tells one small lie. That lie is that she spent the weekend with a guy she met through her brother. The problem is one, the guy doesn’t exist and two there happens to be a very devout christian that has some very strong opinions on virginity

Unlike most people her age tho our young Olive decides to embrace the rumors and have some fun with it. She makes up some stories, new cloths the whole 9 yards. This of course causes some problems, makes her some enemies, some rumors about an STD goes around may even end a marriage.

In the end it is a fun and entertaining movie, it is far from perfect of course but in the end do we really expect a movie about high school students to be perfect? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Darksiders 2 (so far)

darksiders 2

I have a lot of friends who love these games with a passion and are craving a third. I get why, I do, but I’m not here to kiss this game’s ass. And no, I didn’t play the first Darksiders game, but I wanted to see what the hype was about.

Darksiders 2 follows Death this time as he tries to free his brother War who is facing war crimes. It’s about now I should mention I’m not finished playing it so I’m not totally sure what the hell is going on but I can tell you my fair impressions from about 8 hours of playing.

So far, I can say I love the art style and epic setting. For a game about Death, everything is very colorful and fantastic, a welcome change from what I originally expected. I feel a lot of nostalgia from the gameplay; combat feels much like God of War with the agility of Bloodborne, with platforming that reminds me of the PS2 Prince of Persia games. There’s some pretty awesome shit in here, but there’s some things in here that bug the living hell out of me like no mini map and sometimes I find the controls can be a little slow at crucial moments but I can’t say I have any huge complaints. I have a lot of fun but I also get really frustrated with it so I’m totally down the middle with this game. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and best wishes.


Are You Here (2013)

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Are You Here is the story of two friends, one is a T.V. weather man (played by Owen Wilson) that for some reason hides what he does from his friend, and the other is a guy that basically lives as a shut in. (played by Zack Galifinakis) Owen basically spends his time bouncing from woman to woman and tossing Zack money when he needs to so Zack can live his life.

One day Zack shows up at Owens work and is mistaken for a homeless man and informs Owen that his father has died. After a road trip and the weird purchase of some seafood to save its life, Zack discovers he just inherited a little bit of money. Around two and a half million dollars worth of a little money.

This starts a small family feud and some seemingly strange plans, and the realization that Zack may have some sort of mental issue that needs to be taken care of. While not the comedy I was expecting but it was still a great movie. I didn’t expect these two to play such a great serious role but they pull it off, and I hope this isn’t the last time we see it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you greatness.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

f4 surfer

Of the three cinematic iterations of Fantastic 4, only the 2005 film was successful enough to get a sequel two years later…and here we get one of the worst villain reveals of the last decade, but that’s for the end. And yeah, I’m going to spoil it.

So the Fantastic 4 are world famous celebrities and superheroes, and the world eagerly awaits the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. While everyone prepares, Reed is knee deep in research on a set of strange occurrences happened around the globe. Random points around the world experience drastic environmental shifts after a mysterious comet like object races past them. Meanwhile, in Latveria, a deformed and pissed off Dr. Doom searches the source out himself, finding a man like silver creature on what looks like a surf board. They have a altercation and Doom gets served by it’s energy blast, but miraculously the creature heals him. During the wedding, the creature appears. Johnny chases him but the surfer catches him and something weird happens to Johnny; if he touches another one of the group, he switches powers with them. When Reed and the military are at ends to capture the Silver Surfer, Doom comes into play. Sue makes contact with the surfer and she discovers he is but a herald for a much greater danger, his master Galactus…

I’m going to say Galactus kills this movie. One of the greatest foes in all of Marvel is reduced to a storm cloud- Shame on you. The cast does ok and the effects are pretty cool at times but overall it’s just as forgettable as the first, but I can’t say its terrible. Worth a crap bin hit or Netflix. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Talladega Nights

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Oh Talladega Nights. I’m not even sure how to explain this movie except to say this is what happens if you let to idiots learn how to drive really well, give them really bad advice and then they earn millions of dollars. Seriously I don’t know how these two didn’t die.

Basically Ricky Bobby one day has his dad show up at school for some sort of bring dad to school night, after having not seen him in ten years. His dad is stoned as hell, causes small ruckus, tells the kids if you aren’t first you are last and gets tossed out never to be seen again. Well not until later in the movie.

The movie is admittedly hilarious, like all other Will Ferrell movies not for everyone. It is silly and nonsensical at times and really many of the jokes are just downright head shakingly silly. It is absolutely worth watching tho, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Fantastic 4 (1994)

f4 1

For years I’ve heard this movie was an unwatchable train wreck- the worst Fantastic 4 adaptation and one of the worst superhero movies of all time. At face value, it seems so but I can definitely say don’t judge a book by it’s cover here.

It begins with a college aged Reed Richards and and Victor Von Doom trying to capture energy from a space anomaly called Colossus. Reed and his best friend Ben Grimm live at Mrs. Storm’s Boarding House with her and her two children Sue and Johnny. The experiment backfires and even after Ben tries to save him, Victor seemingly dies. Ten years Reed has founding to go into space, and assembles a crew of his friends to take on the mission. They get hit with a cosmic power and crash unharmed but changed, hunted by a foe Reed knows too well.

Ok, this movie isn’t a gem but doesn’t nearly deserve the hate it gets. There’s a strong B Sci-fi movie element to it, but for much of the Fantastic 4 lore is B movie material. The group has better chemistry than the big screen renditions and importantly I have to say, this movie touches on there origin but actually has the 4 do real superhero stuff like Johnny saving New York from Doom’s laser. I actually got really pissed watching this because it blows my mind that a movie with a 100 times less the budget than three other iterations had more heart and did more justice to the 4 and got pissed on so bad. Overall, I recommend it if you like B movies or are a Fantastic 4 fan and it’s on Youtube for free. Best Wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory…Flame On!

Spiders (2013)

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This one was a bit weird. Not really bad, just weird. The basic story is back in the 1980’s the USSR (of course) found a crashed spaceship in the arctic that was thousands of years old. Inside was some DNA that they of course tried to splice with everything on earth safely in space. As we know the USSR eventually goes belly up shit gets lost and all these years later it falls to earth. One small issue.  The only thing they successfully spliced it with were spiders. Huge freaking spiders. They also happen to be very smart, build a colony and have a queen that builds silk that can be used for all kinds of things.

The problem with these alien spider hybrids is they are still spiders that protect their territory that happens to be a subway tunnel. Between that and the US military attempting to keep them hidden to use their silk things get pretty ugly pretty fast.

The movie is pretty neutral honestly. It isn’t bad or good, it simply is. I really can not say I liked or disliked the movie. It wasn’t for me, but you guys may enjoy it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.