Spyro the dragon

spyro Wanna talked mind blown as a kid? From the n64 era I got a few glimpses at the size a video game can be, but Spyro the dragon for PlayStation was the very first game that swallowed me up in it’s world. A coming of age story about a young dragon whose left after all the bigger, more powerful dragons are turned to crystal and his quest to free them from Gnasty Gnorc who got pissed watching them bad mouthing him during a TV interview (God bless the 90’s). Spyro and his dragonfly companion, Sparx are freaking awesome. Spyro mainly charges and bursts fire, and can hover a bit except for the epic flight stages. The scenery is beautiful and the characters inside are detailed excellently for there time. It handles amazing and with so much loot, enemies, and new beautiful realms to explore, it’s hard not to love this PS1 classic.


Act raiser review

act raiser

Act Raiser is an old Super Nintendo game where you play as a god that has lost his powers thanks to the people no longer believing in you. So you take control is a side scrolling action segments in order to rid the land of a powerful enemy so the land becomes inhabitable again.

act raiser game play

After the side scrolling event you will start on a sort of Sim City type game play where you guide your village  to grow and discover new technology such as wheat or bridge building which you can then give to your other towns. This simple formula actually makes for a great and fun game as your villages grow, find you new spells and items and even help other towns grow. This is definitely one of those games you would be doing yourself a huge favor to try out. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns

redlantern So we’re one step closer to Blackest Night with the first of two preludes to it, introducing us to Atrocitus as the leader of the red lanterns as well as the introduction of Saint Walker and the re-emergence of the Star Sapphires, while giving you a Easter egg of Larfleeze at the end (tune in next time for his crazy ass). To refresh our memories, in Green Lantern: Secret Origins we learn Atrocitus is a infamous murderer with a group called the Five Inversions obsessed with slaughtering the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe for the Manhunter’s galaxy wide massacre that killed Atrocitus’s family. In Secret Origins, Jordan and Sinestro defeated before he could kill William Hand. Well, our story begins right after Sinestro Corps War ends, Sinestro is awaiting execution in a Green Lantern Sciencecell, while the Guardians deal with the consequences of releasing the power rings nonlethal protocol. When Green Lantern Laira searches out a certain member of the Sinestro Corps and murders him in cold blood, the Guardians order the formation of a new subdivision within the Green Lanterns called the Alpha Lanterns, hybrid soldiers of lantern and Manhunter, to keep the regular lanterns in check. Laira flees only to have her ring replaced by a new, sinister that replaces her heart with boiling rage. Forged by blood and hate the red lanterns emerge and strike at the green and yellow light, Atrocitus yearning revenge on the legendary defenders who beat him years ago. So Hal Jordan and Sinestro must band together with the mysterious blue Saint Walker, who teaches them green and yellow are no longer the only lights in the universe, the spectrum has shattered and others are coming…

atrocitus  Again, like with the last book, this Should not be your first step into the world of Green Lantern. If you didn’t read SCW, you are pretty screwed trying to follow. However, once again the writing by Geoff Johns is amazing and the art is violent and colorful. Fans of lantern will love this story centered around fan favorite Atrocitus, who kicks major ass as always. May the gaming gods bring you glory and “With blood and rage of crimson red ripped from a corpse so freshly dead together with our hellish hate WE’LL BURN YOU ALL- THAT IS YOUR FATE!” red lantern oath.

John Carpenters Vampires

JC vampires

John Carpenter is a legend in the horror industry. Starring James wood the story revolves around a vampire hunter that works for the Catholic church. As the story goes a long time ago a member of the church turned against the church and too over a few cities. Eventually he was caught and burned at the stake and quickly  stories spread of him still walking at night. And this man was the first and most powerful vampire. Well one day on a routine hunt a master vampire is missing. Later that night what turns out to be the first vampire murders almost the whole crew with ease.  After all that, the real story begins but i won’t ruin that for you. I highly suggest you check it out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 more games that were a huge bummer

bummer  So a couple days ago we heard from Savior the games that disappointed him, and well some more immediately came to mind. Some may not agree on one in particular, but I got my reasons and plus I heard it’s sequel was better. If anyone has anything we missed or a game that really pissed you off, please a comment below or hit up Savior_gaming @ twitter. Well, here we go with a counter point to Savior’s 5th game he covered on his list.

alienscm 1. Aliens Colonial Marines (aka worst self given birthday present ever aka five years of my hopes and dreams gone up in napalm flames aka alien penis drinking game number 2)- well the aliases for it say a lot but that doesn’t include the dip shit alien A.I., crappy story, terrible voice acting, a shitty inventory system, and one of the worst final boss fights ever. Piss on this game at your leisure, my friends.

re6  2. Resident Evil 6- so what happens when you can’t pick who the hell your game is for? 7 characters, 4 interconnected campaigns, 2 kinds of enemies and a shitty new character upgrade system. Characters like series legends Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are reduced to discount Jack Bower and a drunken C.O.D reject; I don’t have any real idea what the plot is but there is a guy that turns into a zombie T-rex, a Godzilla sized dementor, and drug peddling cricket people…Yep.

arkham0 3. Batman: Arkham Origins – You had an amazing trailer and a awesome Joker-free premise. We got a moody Batman, Arkham City’s Christmas leftovers full of glitches, a annoying leveling system, and SPOILERS: all this is a way to retell how Batman and Joker first met and Bane first used his super-duper steroids. By the way, too much Nolan bro. Too much damn Nolan. It ain’t horrific but enough to bum you out and make you want to drink.

ac1 4. Assassin’s Creed- let’s pretend there was no 1, just 2 and on. So much bullshit. Water kills, near impossible perfect assassinations, god damn pain in the ass civilians always in the way, crappy fighting mechanics, and a main character that’s just there. The story is fair but you may need help getting through it without breaking your controller.

outlast 5. Outlast- I give them this, it looks nice. I get why I’m probably going to get hate mail but truth is I’ve had this game shoved down my throat for months after it released and wasn’t impressed. Whereas Alien: Isolation was a game where you needed luck and brains to survive the intelligent alien, Joes, and looters; most of Outlast’s threats can be outrunned. The camera’s battery dies ridiculously fast to where it becomes annoying. I admit, I haven’t finished it and I’m sure it’s fine but the first hour or two in didn’t make me a huge believer.

Star Trek Online

star trek online

Star Trek Online is far from a perfect game. There are more than a couple glitches to run into, none of which are game breaking thankfully. The ground combat is stiff and doesn’t require much thought and sadly it does feature pretty prominently in the game. All that aside the number of ships to choose from are nice and varied and the ship to ship combat is fun and is the main the part of the game.

Another nice aspect is the random conflict zones in space, so when you need  break from the story campaigns that are pretty long at times they are a nice distraction. The ability to choose between more than one alliance with a number of races within each alliance to choose from. The ships are also pretty customization with different weapons,shields color schemes and much more. With all that I would only recommend this game to Star trek fans and the more hardcore MMO fans, sadly there just is not a lot here for the casual fans. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Diary of the dead

ddead First, I have to say we at Saviorgaming.blog are saddened by the recent passing of one of horror’s greatest director’s, George A. Romero. Zombies were never the same after the first three films in his legendary Dead series: Night of the living dead, Dawn of the dead, and day of the dead. The fourth installment, Land of the Dead, was met with much wide recognition. The fifth installment, diary, I consider a underrated gem. Diary of the dead features a group of college film students in the woods with their sullen Professor, filming a movie when strange reports come in of  the dead coming to life. The film chronicles first- hand there experiences through first person film surviving a zombie outbreak, commenting on how the rational world melts away around them. Romero cleverly uses our main character (who we rarely see at all, because he’s behind the camera 95% of the time) to demonstrate our society’s over-dependence on the internet and our obsession with recording and reporting every second of our lives to validate our lives. I can believe the main actors are college kids living in northeast PA (two-thirds of the movie they are trying to get to Scranton, our hometown). The zombies are Romero’s classics but work for what the movie’s point is. There is enough strange moments to make the movie memorable and the narration is bleak but profoundly thought provoking. Though not as well know as the other entries in the series, Diary of the dead deserves a watch if you want to remember Romero as a man who used the living dead to say something about us and the times we live.

georgeromero  Rest in Peace George A. Romero, the godfather of zombies.