Virtual Tennis


So far all of the Sega Forever games I have checked out have been good. This one however does not translate over well. Sure graphically it is beautiful for a Mobile Sega game. While the controls themselves aren’t bad the smaller screen gives very little reaction time and when you add in the small delay on the screen it becomes unnecessarily difficult  in some situations. Unless you are a die hard fan of the game or tennis I’d suggest skipping this one. As always thanks and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Golden Axe


Golden Axe is the story of 3 heroes , a dwarf, a warrior and an amazon as they seek revenge against Death Adder whom took over their once peaceful land.

The visuals are good for a cell phone game. The controls are passable but a little stiff for my taste but other than that it is a pretty great port for any one that either missed the original or just want to play it over again.

Sega Forever is doing a great job releasing these games on mobile and while all of them aren’t what I would have preferred it is still an excellent selection. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Altered Beast


Sega Forever continues to release more and more games, and Altered Beast is a welcomed addition. Visually it is solid and while the controls aren’t as fluid as I would like they are do the job.

The story is a bit aged, taking place in ancient Greece Zues revives our hero in order to save his daughter Athena and grants you the ability to transform into various creatures such as a wearwolf. While I am sure many have already played this game, if you want to revisit it and need a quick way to kill some time this will do the job. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wes Craven Presents They


They is about a college student that grew up having night terrors that return after a childhood friend calls her freaking out. He explains that They only come out at night, hate light and they mess with electricity and that babies sense them and cry. He then proceeds to shoot himself in the diner.

Slowly as the movie goes on Julia moves from thinking her friend was insane and very sick to thinking maybe he wasn’t wrong. Things start turning weird for her and her night terrors return. She even wakes up in her bathroom and attack her boyfriend not realizing who it was. The movie is largely a psychological journey like many of Wes Cravens films. The acting is nice and visually there is nothing to complain about, tho while interesting I did find the movie a bit boring for much of it. I won’t say not to watch it, but it won’t be for everyone. As always may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Jurassic World Evolution

Jurasic world Evolution will allow you to build your own dinosaur theme park around the release of the movie. Not much has been released about this new project from Frontier however back in the Original Xbox and PS2 days there was a game called operation Genesis which was basically the same thing and to this day is one of my favorite games from my childhood.

Regardless I am looking forward to building my own park and maybe letting a few dinosaurs escape to kill a few things. May the gaming gods have mercy on my soul, and bring you glory.

5 Favorite Heros

Like my last one about villains this one is in no real order, and only 1 per series. Spoilers will be involved.

H1 mario

Mario is self explanatory. Probably the biggest and original gaming icon. He has saved kingdoms,multiple princesses, destroyed evil gangs won some cart races, played every sport imaginable and this is just the tip of the Mario resume. He should be the head of any hero list.

H2 Vivi

“How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don’t exist” This is the guiding question for the absolute most adorable black mage ever created. Seriously if you play this game and don’t love Vivi you may not even be human. He may also be the most powerful black mage to ever exist.

H3 Doom guy

Lets be honest, without Doom Guy and his BFG first person shooters would not be what they are today. This man went to hell and back for humanity more times than once, and that earns this nameless man his spot.

H4 mega man

The Blue Bomber may be the originator of hard games for me, but he also has saved the world probably more than anyone on this list. His constant battle with evil robots seems to be never ending,and i’m ok with that.

H5 leon

Leon S. Kennedy of Resident evil 2 resident evil 4 and resident evil 6 is the undeniable workhorse of the resident Evil world. Whether its shooting zombies as a cop, protecting the Presidents daughter from a cult or whatever the hell was going on in 6, Leon is the man.