Letterkenny Season 6

I know what you guys are thinking, another quick review of  a show where savior says it doesn’t change, its still funny, was only 7 episodes and you should check it out. Just like I did the last few days. This is mostly true, except this season things did change a bit.

This season while still being the same formula of episodes mostly being unconnected in anyway, just being a bunch of one liner jokes and just being a cheap laugh and a guilty pleasure this one actually connect things across multiple episodes in a small way. For example it is heavily implies that Wayne is either going to, or has proposed to his girlfriend, but they never really mention it again.

Some of the characters that rarely interact also start doing so more, with some pretty hilarious consequences tho they are also pretty interesting. All in all this season while maybe not the best, was possibly the most interesting. I do have one more bit of Letterkenny news tomorrow then it will be tossed away for at least awhile. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Letterkenny Season 5

If I am being 100% honest if you have read Letterkenny Season 1 review or Letterkenny Season 2 or any of the others, you can basically get the gist of what i am about to say. This is really more of a status update for the show. Again Season 5 has 7 episodes and season 6 does as well, and the show doesn’t change. Seriously each season is just 7 episodes that aren’t all that connected except for a girlfriend here or there and that is it. Just some laughs, people getting punched and cheap insults. Check out some clips on YouTube. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 4

And with Letterkenny Season 4 the streak continues. The show still serves no real purpose, has no real overall story arc and is still pretty damn hilarious. The show however seems to be quite the cult type show, the people that love it really love it, the people that don’t really seem to hate it, but most people don’t seem to know about it. It has some great reviews for every season up to this point, and I feel it probably has to do with the short seasons. None of the episodes feel forced or like they were reaching for content. We will see if it lasted into season 5 tomorrow tho. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 3

Now I know it seems like I am just blowing through these seasons and can’t possibly have a life. Well I am, and I don’t. It does however help that each season is only 7 episodes. I actually like the format they have going on tho. With each episode simply being its own stand alone episode with no real overarching story and it being a ton of one liner or rhyming jokes, the short season with half hour episodes really doesn’t give it a chance to get stale so far.

The show is however very much for a niche group of people. I don’t want to say it has a low class sense of humor, but it kind of does. It is a group of people living in a small farming town after all. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z ( The Saiyan Saga)

dbz 1   June is here and 2019 is half over. A part of my New Year’s resolution was to bring us more varied reviews. As a kid, I loved cartoons but my childhood friend Violet, like much of what’s brought me to this point, helped me discover something brand new: anime. Blood, tons of fights, flashing lights, and a complex story of complex characters we care about; this was a whole new world for me. It would be much later in later when I’d journey farther into anime ( unsure it was a genre at the time and merely thinking it was just an anomaly) So let’s begin to start the epic saga that is Dragonball Z…

Years after Dragonball ended, Goku defeated Piccolo and the world was safe. He settled down with Chi-chi and had there son Gohan, named after Goku’s grandpa. His old friends are having a get-together at old Master Roshi’s place, so Goku and Gohan set out to meet them. Meanwhile, an alien crash lands on Earth, and searches out Piccolo on accident, mistaking him for someone named “Kakarot”. This alien is a Saiyan named Radditz and he’s looking for his brother- Goku. After kidnapping Gohan, Goku and Piccolo have to team up to face Radditz, just barely beating him but not without a heavy cost. Goku dies and Radditz promises two more Saiyans will  come to earth in search of the mystical Dragonballs in a years time. Goku’s friends: Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chotzu and Yajarobe train with Kami as Goku had as a child. Piccolo, after seeing the incredible power inside him during the fight against Radditz, takes Gohan for training. Meanwhile Goku journeys  across Snake Way in search of King Kai for training. The time passes and the Saiyans arrive, Vegeta and Nappa, and as promised there powers go far beyond Radditz. With Goku wished back, can the Z fighters last against the terrible duo?

The Saiyan saga is the first season of DBZ and as you’d expect, it’s a bit slower and more adventure based but no less awesome. My favorite character to follow was Piccolo, starting as the villain who begrudgingly helps his enemy out of necessity and develops a heart through helping Gohan. The final fight between Goku and Vegeta will go down as one of anime’s greatest battles but the Radditz and Nappa fights are also pretty badass. The season is a slow burn but it’s a hell of a climax and the characters and adventure are well worth the time. In the end, for new anime fans it’s a must watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Letterkenny Season 2

Letterkenny season 2 did nothing to change my mind about this show being weird as hell and making no real sense. Seriously the show is mostly people standing around insulting each other in weird one liners. This may sound insulting or bad, but it isn’t a complaint.

The show is quite honestly mindless fun. It really doesn’t serve much of a point, and each episode is mostly just discussing some random small town event, like ice fishing or the sale of cigarettes from the local natives. The fighting for Wayne from season one is still there as well, which is admittedly also kind of intriguing. It also serves no purpose and mostly isn’t even a plot point, it is just tossed in there for entertainment.

I’m not saying any of this to discourage anyone from watching by the way, in fact I think you should all check it out. I have since moved on to season 3 and I am still having a  good laugh watching. So go, check it out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 1

Every so often a friend will recommend I check out a show, this time a friend said dude check out Letterkenny. So he sent me a YouTube video that was basically just a bunch of female hockey players insulting each other. It was kinda funny tho so I hopped on Hulu and watched season one.

I was left wondering what in the fuck I just watched. There is no real overall story, it simply tells you there are 5000 residents of the town of Letterkenny and these are their problems. The majority off the show is just Wayne, who seems to be the main character, fighting people and just stoically walking around.

The odd thing is despite each episode more or less being independent of the others and it largely being based on one liners of Canadian humor, as the show is a Canadian show that takes place in a fictional town in Ontario, it is really enjoyable. The trailers don’t make it look very good, and they don’t really even explain the show, but give it a few episodes before you decide. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.