Dredd is probably one of the most criminally underrated superhero films of all time. As you can tell by the poster, this is a much darker, faithful adaptation to the comic book source material. Karl Urban replaces Stallone as a much more mysterious, quieter, more intimidating Judge Dredd  this time around. The plot is simple: a deranged drug lord named Mama holds in a massive apartment complex with a army of armed assholes and it’s up to Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson to take survive the onslaught of assholes, corrupt Judges, and Mama. The movie is simple but great. The action is intense and the kills are bloody. Whereas the first movie was more epic in scope, this one mainly takes place in one location but it never really gets boring. Dredd’s look is a lot more toned down and realistic; Karl Urban is the perfect Judge Dredd I have to say. Mama is a dark, scary ass villain and I take my hat off to Lena Headey  who is probably the best female  super villain I’ve seen to date. Olivia Thirlby is a good contrast to Urban’s Dredd while still being a good character on her own. I have really one small gripe about the movie; Ma-Ma’s drug causes you to experience extreme Slow-Mo which at first can be annoying but it isn’t overused and usually has a satisfyingly messy payoff. Overall, I highly recommend Dredd as a underrated superhero action movie. Thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Game Dev Story (Mobile)

game dev story

Game Dev Story is a Mobile game from Kairosoft  where you run a small software company. As you choose types of games and hire new employees you make more money to create more games. The game itself is interesting and not very hard however it also is not easy. It will require a few play throughs to figure out how to unlock all the different game types you can create and the best way to combine them, but the game itself is easy to get into and at times hard to put down. There is a free trial version if you are curious, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Judge Dredd

judge dread

First I gotta start this review by giving a shout out to my friend Autobot who celebrated his birthday yesterday and gave me the idea to do today’s reviews; love ya kid. So I know the 90’s Judge Dredd film adaptation isn’t really looked upon highly- ok, I’ll bite, I know it’s in that so bad it’s good category- but that and Batman Forever made me want to create a superhero story of my own. I saw both films at the local drive-in with my parents and on big screen it was something mind blowing. Dredd’s first appearance on screen riding through the flames on his Lawmaster was imprinted in my memory as one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen.

Judge Dredd takes place in Mega City; a massive, overpopulated city where crime and anarchy takes hold on a daily basis. To keep peace and order, there are a police force that are judge, jury, and executioner all in one- the Judges, Joseph Dredd being a legend among them. Our story revolves around Dredd having to team with his best friend/partner/hidden crush Hershey and wimpy hacker Fergee have to team up to thwart a plot to dismantle the Judges from inside, leading Dredd to battle the law, Cursed Earth outside the city, and his own blood in the form of psychotic ex- Judge Rico.

So the question, how does this movie hold up 22 years later- oh shit I’m old- well it holds up fine as a 90’s action superhero movie. It ain’t Steele after all. It doesn’t hold to the dark, gritty, serious tone of the source material very much. We see Stallone’s face a lot, he smiles, there’s a ass load of one liners that hit and miss and the costume is a bit ornate but I still enjoy it. A lot of the acting is over the top and even cooky but I can’t help but like Stallone as Dredd; Max Von Sydow as Chief Justice was the best performance as well as a really good performance from Rob Schneider as Fergee. The Angel Family in the desert…I love them. A family of god loving cannibals that look like a futuristic Hills Have Eyes Family. My favorite part by far. Overall if you want a fun 90’s action movie, go for it, but if you want the real Dredd experience, watch the 2012 movie with Karl Urban- review later today. Thanks for reading, and as always, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cottage Country

cottage country

Todds plan is simple. Take his girlfriend to his parents cottage, propose marriage, get laid. His brother on the other hand decides to show up uninvited. When Todd accidentally kills his brother with an ax things only begin to go really wrong. After disposing of his brother and his brothers girlfriends body they come home to discover a raging party and the body count climbs even higher.

The movie in itself isn’t bad, but it doesn’t deliver on the laughs one would expect from a a movie staring Tyler Labine. I would honestly suggest checking out some of his other movies for example Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Review which was a far superior movie. Best of luck and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mario 3 Retro Review

Mario 3

Super Mario Bros. 3. I had not touched this game for a long time. Admittedly as a kid i thought this game as a masterpiece. One of the best of the best. As an adult? This game is still a classic deserving of its status in the gaming world. As you guide our favorite plumber thru world after world of side scrolling action discovering new powers and costumes and even whistles you will plow through many different levels and enemies. Before you know it hours will have passed you by. If you consider yourself a gamer and have not played this game you owe it to yourself to try this one out. And may the gaming gods bring glory to you all.

Final Fantasy 9 (PS4)


Every so often in gaming something happens that is a nice surprise. The other day I woke up to an e-mail about the sudden release of a classic from my childhood. Final Fantasy 9. The story of Zidane and Garnet on their quest to save the world. Sure there is much more to this amazing game, but most people know the story. They want to know, how does this hold up?

Well this port was given the full treatment. Beautiful HD graphics, trophy support ( as of the Saturday of release someone has already managed the Platinum) and just like the Final Fantasy 7 port its of the PC version and has some fun little cheat codes you can choose to use. If you never played before I would suggest skipping the max level stuff but if you just want the story that alone will make the game a breeze.

If you are a fan of the JRPG genre, the original release or the series you owe it to yourself to purchase this game. It is truly a treasure, and is easily one of the Best games ever made. Thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory

The Black Room

The Black Room

This movie is a bit odd. I can’t call it good, but I also won’t say it is bad. The movie starts out with a sleeping woman at her grandmothers house and some strange noises in the basement. The grandmother seems to know what it is going on and isn’t happy. The next part for lack of a better term ( ok for those that are a bit squeamish or easily offended please stop reading..seriously) anyway for lack of a better term the young but adult woman is raped by a ghost. Afterwards the grandmother is killed attempting to protect her granddaughter who is later burned badly.

Flash forward to a new couple buying the house and all hell breaks loose, more people are killed, bunch of nudity and more awkwardness of women  alone in rooms having orgasms from a incubus demon. All in all the movie is entertaining in that what the hell am I watching way and is not well made in anyway. As always thanks for joining me and may the gaming gods bring you glory.