Knack 2 Preview

knack 2

Having never played the Original I wasn’t really sure what to expect in any way. So I downloaded the demo. The demo starts off with a scene about celebrating martial arts more than anything else. This probably has something to do with the first game so admittedly I did’t quite get it. Moving on, you are in a sort of fight pit beating up on some poor dude that I hope was a willing participant but hey who knows. What follows is a very well brawler style game with a few buttons that can be used in various ways to beat the crap out of what is basically 3 different people, one with shield one with a staff and some poor bastard punching legos with his fist.

There is also a mechanic that lets you switch between being bigger and smaller, tho being smaller which is used once or twice during the demo to solve puzzles. Honestly if you are one of the rare people that enjoy that style of game you will most likely enjoy Knack 2 however I did not care for it. Have a great day, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Little Evil

little evil

Little Evil is a horror comedy new to Netflix that admittedly I watched for two reasons, 1. Adam Scott is hilarious. 2. step dads being abused by children is funny. This movie did not disappoint me at all. The movie starts with the step dad being legit buried alive. We then go back a week to see how we got here. The acting is top notch, and has a few cameos I won’t spoil. As the movie moves on it takes an odd but fun turn. For example in retaliation for burying him alive step dad fills the kids floaties with sand and sends him down a water slide because hey, the kid is literally the Antichrist. There is much more to the movie but I really don’t want to spoil such a great experience.

Comedy horror movies are usually pretty bad but this one gets my full recommendation for all comedy or horror fans. It pretty much has everything you would want with the exception of a standard horror movie sex scene but honestly its not even needed. Go give it a shot, an may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Fishing Planet

fishing planet-2

I used to go fishing with my dad as a kid every summer, so on occasion I partake in a fishing or hunting game. I have played a few but most were simply decent games nut nothing fancy. Check out these graphics tho.

fishing planet

For a free fishing game they are great, the sounds are also great and the controls are basically flawless for a fishing game.

The starting tutorial is short an to the point and will teach you the basics of catching a fish. The game then sends you on your way to go on fishing trips in various and numerous places in North  America. There are some flaws however, for example the character customization is very very limited.  You will unlock more outfits later but your avatar goes pretty unchanged.

The bottom line on this one is if you love fishing, this game is the closest I have ever seen to fishing without actually going fishing. Now get out there, reel in a big one, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Within (2016)


I watched this movie as a sort of joke. The idea sounded so basic I figured I would watch this have some laughs at the bad movie, come on here bash it a bit and move on.

Here is the very basic plot. A man moves his daughter and new wife to a new place for a job and away from the daughters sorted teenage past. The family soon finds out about some murders and strange disappearances in the home and odd things start happening. See pretty basic. The acting is nice, the script solid and the visuals and sound are well done. While I admit my purpose was to insult this movie I can’t. Its not perfect, and the start is pretty slow and at times seemingly without purpose. Tho with those complaints aside, the movie was still solid enough to be worth watching and the ending was one of those rare things I did not see coming. That alone was worth the time to me. So get out there and give it a watch, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Ok this is going to be one of those reviews that some people will love and others will ask why I hate happiness.

First a quick rehash for those living under a rock and don’t know what game is. There are 2 modes survival and creative. Creative gives you access to everything from the start and survival lets you start from scratch to build tools and a house and survive during the day and hide out at night. Or go mining for rocks and rare minerals.

Now that we got that out of the way, how the fuck did strip mining the world become a fun game that kids seem to love? Seriously like 90% of this game is whacking stuff with different sticks to build a house you are never in because you are out collecting stuff. Now creative mode I get, you can create some insane shit here and that’s awesome. But half the game still makes no real sense to me. Oh well, thanks for listening to my rant, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Beast of Xmoor

This the the story of 3 people hunting a rare large cat in Europe. Georgia is for lack of a better way to describe her a sort of journalist of rare animals while her boyfriend Matt is a camera man. Georgia receives a a call from an old friend she met in a bar named Fox, a hunter and tracker of creatures and has helped Georgia in the past find creatures thought not to exist.

This particular hunt however takes an odd turn. The creature they are hunting isn’t a large cat after all, but what Fox believes to be a serial killer. The movie itself has some odd yet fun twist and turns while the characters may be a little one dimensional at times they are still interesting enough to get the job done.

My only real complaint is that the movie takes place mostly in the woods at night which is fine, but many of the scenes are so dark they are at times painful to watch. That aside it was a pretty fun movie for a B movie found randomly on Netflix and had a solid twist ending that wasn’t just done for the same of having one. i would recommend checking it out sometime, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


New Lord of the Flies remake?


When I heard this one my jaw dropped in excitement than thinned out in disappointment. Lord of the Flies, a book I previously covered on this blog, is getting another film adaptation- which is understandable. Unlike some classic novels like Dracula and Frankenstein that get remakes and gaming-gods help me “reimagings”, Lord of the Flies has more parodies associated with it than films. Quick Recap: bunch of young boys stranded on a island, isolated, try to survive while turning on each other and losing there shit. I was excited until I heard it was going to be a all female cast. Now please, before blowing up the comment section, hear me out. The source material was so effective because our characters were children, twelve at the oldest; I think that having it set with all with all female children can add new layers to the story and maybe explore some new roots. But I doubt the studios and producers will keep them children but instead try to play it out for some sex appeal: get some attractive 16-18 year olds, put them in tight, wet school outfits, and drop them on an island with some drooling hope for boobs. That is the movie I DON’T want. I don’t want a movie that uses sex appeal to draw in crowds, I also don’t want Mean Girls island; I want this movie to do the book justice because I think the messages it teaches can potent now more than ever. I’ll be looking into how this all develops and I’m sure I’ll keep talking about it but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject, but what do think? Drop a comment below and may the gaming gods be with you.