5 Games I Will Probably Never Finish

The following is a list of games I will probably never finish, not because they aren’t good games. Some of them are probably on the list of all time greats. They just either aren’t great to me, or stuff just keeps happening. Also, in no real order.

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Phantasy Star 2. I played this game for the first time on the Sega Channel. For those that don’t know what that is, it was something you got thru your cable provider that fit into the top of the system, and it let you play a bunch of games every month. Basically it was a really really old school version of PlayStation now. I then had a Phantasy Star collection for my Gameboy advance, it came with the Ultimate sonic collection I owned for both the PS3 and Xb360 and I bought it for the Xbox one…still have not beat it, and sadly probably never will.

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The Original Zelda, a classic loved by people all over the world. I have played this game a few times, and I always just get bored and stop playing half an hour after I start. I always say I will look up a guide and just blow through it for the sake of doing it, but lets be honest. I won’t.

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Moving further into history, the first Resident Evil. I played this at a friends house back on the PlayStation and the controls turned me off. Eventually I played the remake and bought the PS4 remake with @torstenvblog when it was on sale. He was going to play one side and me the other. He finished it, me? Yea you know what the list is called. This game ended up uninstalled and will probably forever be a game I truly want to complete, but won’t.

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This is honestly the only game on the list I only feel bad for because I have completed most of the Final Fantasy games. Basically this and that trilogy us old people like to pretend don’t exist that came out after this but before 14. People seem to have a love it or hate it attitude towards 12, and I fall into the hate it category mostly. The battle system is boring, the story is uninspired and the characters, well mostly I didn’t are if they lived or died. I never finished it, but I got far enough to want Vaan’s head on a pike.

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This one always surprises people. See I love the RPG genre, and Witcher 3 is without a doubt one of the best we have seen in a long time. The game world is breathtakingly beautiful, the world itself is in depth and rich, the characters are as real and well written as any ever created. There is almost nothing to complain about with this game. The complaints you can make are pretty minor at this point, since the major ones have been long since fixed, granted my first attempt had me getting stuck on invisible objects. If anyone were to ask me if they should buy The Witcher 3, I would say absolutely yes. If you look at this game and it looks interesting, buy it.  Also I don’t like it. I can’t explain why, I love the world, I love the characters, the story is great. I WANT to like this game, i WANT to play this game. I simply can’t get into it.



Deadman Wonderland

deadman wonderland

I love anime but sadly I don’t watch nowhere near as much as I would like to. My third favorite of all time is a very short, sadly cut short anime called Deadman Wonderland. It was shocking, raw, and made me rethink my own passion project, so it can be something different than most so I owe it a lot.

Deadman Wonderland is the story of young Ganta Igarashi, a ordinary middle school who’s life goes nightmarish when a mysterious figure known as the Wretched Egg appears and slaughters Ganta’s friends and entire class with a strange power, leaving Ganta the sole survivor. Camera footage is found framing Ganta for the brutal murders and he is sentenced to life in the newest prison/ tourist attraction called Deadman Wonderland. To the public, prison’s risk there lives in deadly games in exchange for antidote to a poison there are injected with via collar they are forced to wear around there necks. Security is tight and Ganta is pushed to his breaking point by the sick inmates and horrible sights, but he finds a old forgotten friend in Shiro, a strange girl always following Ganta. During a brief encounter with a Wretched Egg, Ganta discovers the key to his salvation and damnation, his Branch of Sin- his blood is a weapon, when he bleeds he can gather it and fire it as a hard projectile. Suddenly he is taken from the general populace and introduced to Carnival Corpse, an underground fighting arena dedicated to others inflicted with the Branch of Sin like The Crow who can form long, curved blades from his slashed wrists or Hummingbird who fuses the blood from her ears into her hair like living razor wire. When things look at there worst, Ganta, now called Woodpecker, discovers a resistance of Deadmen inside the prison, readying to plot there escape, can they escape all the horrors Deadman Wonderland holds inside?

Deadman Wonderland is a sad case. The series was prematurely cut because of legal bullshit so it feels messy at the end of it’s 12 main episodes. I say this because there is a bonus 13th episode that is a Crow origin episode. You can tell if it had 12 or 14 more episodes it could have ended more more tightly but they did ok regardless. Artistically the show is beautiful and the characters are compelling. I love the Branch of Sin; my favorite is Owl’s, leader of the resistance, who can form his blood into grenades. The opening song, One reason- Fade, is probably one of my favorite anime songs of all time. I warn the faint of heart, don’t watch if you can’t handle blood, torture, images of rape, vulgar language or dismemberment. If you can get past all that, there is a lot to be said inside of it’s short narrative and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

A Christmas Story

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This movie is such a timeless classic there is a 24 hour marathon of it every year. I don’t even need to review this honestly, I could have posted the picture of the kid and a BB gun and just stopped there and you guys would have gotten it. But hey let us get on with what is basically a formality here.

The movie takes place in the 1940’s and young Ralphie has one dream. He wants a Red Ryder BB gun. He needs to convince his parents, teacher, Santa, anyone that will listen he needs one. The problem is, he will shoot his eye out. Along the way there are bullies, dares to stick a tongue to a light post and even dropping lug nuts down a drain and saying fudge.except he doesn’t say fudge. He says the F— word. By the way he throws his friend under the bus an I know they only had phones with cords back then, you hear mom run over and smack the holy hell out of this poor innocent kid. You know how hard you have to hit someone to hear it across a house over a 1940’s phone that clearly? That poor bastards grand kids had bruises when they were born in the 1980’s.

Anyways back on track, I don’t mind spoiling this movie a little bit. At the end of the movie, in true 1940’s fashion, hell even in 1980’s or the 1990’s fashion dad comes through and buys this kid a Red Ryder BB gun. Because you know, back then it was socially acceptable to buy kids actual weapons. The kid also almost immediately manages to shoot himself in the face when it bounces of some metal and his glasses prevent him from shooting his own eye out. Let this be a lesson kids, when shooting a BB gun you actually can shoot your eye out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 games I have to finish

game pile

The picture above represents my gaming situation perfectly, dozens and dozens of games I either haven’t finished or even touched yet. In no particular order, here’s 5 games I started playing this year that I won’t finish by the end of it.

darksiders 2 1. Darksiders 2- this was a case of both loving the hell out of it and hating it at the same time. Usually the times I hated slowed it down hard for me until the other games choked it down.

dark souls 2 2. Dark Souls 2- of the 32 total bosses of Souls 2, I did manage to vanquish 21 or 22 of them so I got into pretty damn far. In fact, I actually got lost in the game, with no way to figure out where the hell to go. Oops.

ffx 3. Final Fantasy 10- I love and adore FFX. It’s beautiful, intriguing, and fun full of great characters and a huge, epic story… then I hit a boss battle. I have witnesses that watched me get my ass get dropped over and over again for 2 hours on the same boss and 8 other games later, poop.

download (11) 4. Resident Evil 7- Savior let me borrow it shortly after it came out and while I found it refreshing and creepy, I got stuck trying to find the damn shotgun. Seriously, that’s it.

prey preview 5. Prey- for the final spot, it was a close call between Fallout 4 or Prey but Prey I haven’t touched since the day one preview I wrote. Problem is it’s an involved game I have to devote a lot more time to it.

May the gaming gods bring you glory and shrink your own game piles.

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Destroy all humans

destroy all humans

I love old time sci fi movies so being able to play in one was kinda great, the raunchy humor and cool weapons and powers just so happened to be icing on the cake. The game is simple really. We play as Cypto, an alien from the planet Furon who comes to 1950s America to kill humanity after a botched incident involving Area 51. Armed with a array of alien weapons, a flying saucer, and the power to use telepathy, hologram disguises, and telekinesis we set off against the cops, military, and Majestic Agents that want to take you down.

First I’m going to say this game is fun. There’s a lot of variety in you’re methods of destruction. Disguise yourself and start throwing cars with telekinesis? Sure. Run through the suburbs of brainless men and scandalous housewives guns blazing while shooting people with you handy dandy anal probe- yes you actually get a anal probe and it is amazing. Guns and powers work really good and fluid for there time. A favorite pastime I have is simply reading the minds of the people around me and hearing the crazy or just plain hilarious and often politically incorrect they are thinking. The spoof of 50’s culture is perhaps my favorite aspect of the game. Realistically though I do have problems. I feel you die awfully easy in either on foot or in your ship; actually weirdly enough I feel you can take more damage on foot than you can in your ship. The saucer I feel could have have used a bit more agility to help avoid damage; the controls for it do feel a bit clunky. It aged decently well from its PS2 era release and it’s definitely a good pick up on the current generation. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Miracle on 34th Street (1994)


Miracle on 34th street. A movie that has been done a few times and always tells the same story about a man that claims to be Santa, works at a department store and a rival tries to ruin him and the store by discrediting him. Lets be 100% honest here tho, how the hell do you hear and old guy running around claiming he is Santa and not think this dude is bat shit crazy?

The movie honestly is amazing, if I had to choose between this and the original I am not sure I could choose. Both are well done, the characters are played amazingly the stories are damn near perfect and the people playing Santa look like someone ripped them from a Christmas book and stuck them in the movie. These movies are considered classic for a reason, and I dare you to see the court room scene with post office dragging in bags of letters to Santa and NOT cheer for the crazy old man. There are movies out there that just epitomize Christmas and this is one of them. But don’t worry, on December 25th I will be posting the best Christmas movie of all time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.