Pokemon Switch Leaked Image?


Recently an image came out that allegedly is a leaked image of Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch. As always take this with a HUGE grain of salt. I got this from Dreamcast guy over on Twitter when he shared it and obviously he doesn’t know if its real nor does he claim it is. However if it is it really just looks like an up-scaled version of a 3DS game. I am actually pretty ok with that honestly, but many people will probably be disappointed.

My honest opinion tho, this probably is not from the Switch version of the game. I can’t see them not going all out in the long-awaited console version of the main series Pokemon game and I really can’t see this being the only leak to come out. Either way it could be an interest E3. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Terminal trailer


The vibrant contrast of colors of this picture made me watch the trailer and I was intrigued. Visually I was pretty hooked, curious as to the colorful neon Noir they were going for. I’ve always been a fan of Margot Robbie, especially after her great performance as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad so I’m always curious what’s she’s up to next. I’m curious for the next trailer, so check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Children of the Corn

children of the corn

I will never step foot in a corn field, or anywhere predominately full of kids without thinking I’m going to get mauled and put on a damn corn cross. At the same time, Children of the Corn is my favorite cult movie. I briefly talked about the short story when I talked about the book Night Shift by of course Stephen King, but let’s go a bit more in depth…

General premise: under a demon influenced child preacher, the children of Gatlin Nebraska murder all the adults and take to human sacrifices for “He who walks behind the rows” lurking in the corn, and a couple stumbles upon this after running over a kid they found with his throat cut. This is pretty much where the similarities end.

In the story, Burt and Vicky are a couple who hate each other driving through the deep nowhere of corn because Burt has a interview. They hit the kid and uncover some weird shit in his possession. They park in town and split up. Vicky gets taken by the kids, which is the last time we see her alive; the last time she’s on the cross with her eyes ripped out and corn husks jammed in her sockets. Burt discovers that the kids murdered there parents and murder anyone past 18; and that they’ve been procreating extremely young. A kid named Amos is seemingly the one who started all this and Issac and Malachi are on the chopping block. Burt finds what’s left of Vicky, but He who walks behind the Rows finds him first…no happy ending, not even close.

In the movie, Burt and Vicky are married and mostly happy but there’s a rift because Burt has issues with kids. They talk to a old mechanic that lives on the outskirts of Gatlin that directs them away, but the corn is never ending and traps them there, then they hit the kid. Issac is the preacher that brought this madness, aided by his violent lieutenant Malachi. Again Vicky gets taken while Burt finds some messed up shit. But unrest in the group keeps her alive; Malachi turns on Issac and hosts him up for sacrifice with Vicky. Burt gets rescued by nonbelievers Jobb and Sarah, and together they ban together to get Vicky back and stop the children.

There’s a remake which blends both but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it; does this premise at all seem fit for a made-for -TV movie?

I love both story and movie but for different reasons. The story is bleak and very ambiguous; piecing what those kids were doing was half the morbid allure of it. We really didn’t see faces, no speeches, just remains they left behind. While the movie has creepy parts, I love the look and the child actors, especially Issac and Malachi and how over the top they could be and some of the shitty effects are just fun. Either way, I’d check either out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory  Outlander!

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One X)

far cry 5

Far Cry is one of those series that is notorious for certain things. For example climbing a ton of towers to reveal the map and find missions. A lot of damn towers, what feels like hundreds of towers. There is never hundreds of it them but it always feels like them. So early in Far Cry 5 I am climbing my first tower thinking ” Here we fucking go” and as I climb something unexpected happens, the game suddenly becomes self-aware and the guy makes a joke about not making me climb towers all over the county. You know what? 12 hours later I hadn’t climbed a single tower.

The story is pretty typical of the series, someone takes over some place, a guy helps free it from a madman using what can only be described as pretty much super human abilities even to he isn’t super human. This time around it’s a crazy cult leader that has taken Hope County in Montana. While it’s never truly said explicitly they seem to be taking a shot here at far right extremist in America. During one fire fight a cultist starts screaming at me about being a “snowflake” for example, and all of them are clearly insane and brainwashed. At another part a guy is using a huge cross to kinda beat a dead body, tho he may have been digging a hole. I was busy shooting him with an arrow to truly know.

Now before anyone thinks this is some sort of shot at Christians or Republicans hold on a minute. These are not Christians or Republicans. They truly are insane cultist. Everyone in the county are pretty much country folk that own guns, love god and America. There is even a priest helping you out and fighting to free Hope county.

I explain all this because I have seen a few people saying they won’t buy the game because they are clearly being political and attacking America or Christians and I have seen a few reviews say it could have been a good game but they clearly are making a political statement. None of this is true. It is simply a game that takes place in an area that would in reality have a lot of guns and religious people and would be a likely place for a cult to pop up.

Graphically the game looks beautiful on the Xbox One X and at no time did I ever experience any slow down or frame rate loss even when a lot was going on and bullets were flying. The sounds are immersive and the music very fitting. There are however  a few in-game glitches that are worth noting. For example I have experienced enemies randomly re-spawning after I kill them to attack me again numerous times. Not in the I leave the area or anything. Just drop them and they stand back up and attack. Enemies have also floated, once I even saw a car do it. Nothing game breaking but it should be noted that these things do happen. The game however is worth playing, and it has my full recommendation. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 Marvel characters I’ve never read before

marvel logo

I’ve only really been reading comics for about five years now and I admit the films, for better or worse helped guide my direction in what to read. In a universe so huge, it’s hard to figure out where to go sometimes, so here’s a list in no particular order of famous Marvel characters I haven’t read yet starting with…

ghost rider 1. Ghost Rider-

I loved the first movie for the spirit of vengeance, because well, how do you get more badass than a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle from hell?

punisher comic 2. The Punisher-

I’ve seen his movies, played the controversial game on PlayStation 2, and loved him on Daredevil season 2 but never read his comic. I enjoy a good revenge story, who better to give a bit of punishment?

capt marvell 3. Captain Marvell-

In the Thanos Imperative I had a little experience with the lesser known Captain, but the most recent, Carol Danvers, has become quite famous. Played by Brie Larson in the upcoming MCU film as well as being one of the leads of Civil War 2, I want to get into one of her stories soon.

silver surfer 4. Silver Surfer-

I’ve found myself becoming fond of the cosmic side of Marvel like Fantastic 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Inhumans. Surfer was my favorite part of Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer so I would love to see his exploits on the page.

thor comic 5. Thor-

This blows peoples minds but I know next to shit about comic book Thor. The old English gets me but I love the movies and the comic art is beautiful so I’ll give it a shot.

In the end I plan to try them, but if anyone has ideas which stories to start with, I’m all ears and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Fortnite Update 1.51 is LIVE; Check Out The Notes, Brah! — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

The weekly Fortnite Update is live, bringing with it a multitude of chances across all versions of the game, including the removal of 30FPS mode plus a guided missile to wreck havoc on your enemy. Grab a snack, because these notes are loooooong: Guided Missile (Battle Royale) Take down forts with a more personal touch. […]

via Fortnite Update 1.51 is LIVE; Check Out The Notes, Brah! — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

The Shining

the shining bk

Heeeere’s Torsten with another long overdue book/movie review. Savior once covered the movie, link here to see his thoughts: The Shining

Either way you go, the Shining is the story of the Torrance family spending a winter care-taking for the Overlook Hotel. Father, Jack, is a disgraced English Professor and struggling novelist and ex alcoholic. Mom, Wendy, silently resents Jack because he’s a F-up and last time he got drunk accidentally broke there psychic son, Danny’s, arm. While Danny sees things inside the hotel, Jack discovers the dark secrets of the Overlook’s past, things go shit up when they are trapped inside the Hotel and madness ensues, turning Jack against his family…

While the premise is the same, the executions are really damn different. Remember those creepy ass images from the movie: creepy twins, elevator full of blood, and whatever the hell was going on between the bear suit guy and that guy in the tux? Well there’s none of that in the book. In the book we got hedge animals that come alive and a hornets nest… Ok, so sorry no really creepy visuals in the book. What sells the book is the atmosphere and the build up to Jack losing it. The characters in the book are very deep but I can’t say I ever really found the book scary but a family drama with a dark ending. I like the movie better for a few reasons. Whereas I found the Overlook’s history ok in the book, I love the imagery Kubrick created from the same backstory (though the bloody elevator was all him.) I felt the family in the book was actually a loving family that would have been Ok if this didn’t happen, but the family in the movie seemed off, like a family pretending they weren’t about to explode. In the book, it’s plain that it’s a freaking ghost story but it was more intriguing that we didn’t know for sure what the hell was going on. Last was how the movie had a darker ending which I felt more fulfilling.

In the end I thought the book was Ok but the movie is legendary. Stephen King again proved he’s a master storyteller. May the gaming gods bring you glory and happy Easter from us to you.