The Overnight (2015)

Yea..look I don’t even know where to start on this one. Basically couple A moves from Seattle to California and they meet couple B when they meet at the park when they have their kids at the park. This is basically where the normalcy ends. Hold on people this shits about to get real damn weird.

So we get to couple B’s house for dinner and the kids go to bed. So now they are drinking and discussing work. Guy B sells water filters he invented and chick B is an actress. I thought it was going to be porn but it wasn’t. It was just a demonstration video on how breast pumps work. The logically thing obviously is to give this DVD away to your new friends as a gift…seriously that happens. Now they are smoking some pot, same scene by the way. Now there is some more drinking and dancing and grinding and a game if the floor is lava.

More weird stuff happens and the guys wonder off to see the art work guy B makes…its weird and colorful and its butt holes. No literally. Dude takes pictures of his friends literal assholes and paints colorful pictures of them. I can’t make this up.

Now we all know I hate giving you guys spoilers to the point i rarely give out names. Everything I have told you is in about the first 20 minutes of the movie and isn’t even plot points. Those get even weirder. I won’t discourage you from watching this movie, it isn’t even bad. Its just weird but in a fun way. I don’t regret watching it but it must be noted only certain people will enjoy it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Man of Steel

man of steel

So I’m not a huge Superman fan but I actually love this rendition of the Man of Steel (haha pun). I’m always more inclined to Darker representations or darker characters but for the first go around, I didn’t necessarily see this as a darker take but in a lot of ways a more human take on Superman.

So we get a pretty detailed, 15-20 minute prologue about the destruction of Krypton. Jor-El discovers his world is going to die, tries to tell the super wise elders and they ignore him because a rogue military leader named General Zod tried playing a coup against there government. In a last ditch effort, Jor-El placed the genetic codex of there world inside his newborn son Ka-El and he and his wife sent him off to Earth, where the sun was still young and strong. Zod murdered Jor-El and was captured, banished with his men to the Phantom Zone. Krypton died soon after. Kal landed in Kansas on the Kent farm in Smallville and yep. Well Clark Kent figured out he wasn’t normal, but he wanted to help people and hated that helping may out him to the world so after Pa Kent died, he searched for his own answers. While this goes on, reporter Lois Lane goes through hell tracking down this mysterious savior. Just when Clark begins to understand his true self, a ghost from his parent’s homeworld tracks him down with his army and a desire to rebuild Krypton anyway possible…

If you’re a Superman purist, you will probably fucking hate this movie. Henry Cavill is not Christopher Reeves, and isn’t the warm smiling, super goodie goodie he always seemed to be. He has understandable darker, human moments. He’s scared shitless as a kid when his senses begin tuning up, he’s pissed because he sees a group of guys try getting fresh with a waitress just trying to do her job, and at the end of the day he sat on his couch in a sweat shirt and jeans with a beer and watched the baseball game. For once, Superman was a regular guy to me. He still had a good heart but he was a regular guy, and I think Cavill did that well. I love Michael Shannon as a actor, I think he was great as Zod and he is my favorite DCEU villain to date. Amy Adams was a good Lois Lane but I didn’t buy some of the romantic stuff. I like the anime influences in the cinematography, like the DBZ feel of the fights and that moment before Superman takes flight; essentially Zod’s plan was the same as Lord Slug’s from DBZ The score is fine but can get annoying after awhile. Ok, so the ending really divides people, but I was fine with it.

Overall I really like the movie as a Superman movie. As for it being a universe movie, it does jack shit to establish a universe at play, adding to why the sequel Batman Vs. Superman was such a clusterfuck. If you enjoyed Man of Steel, I seriously recommend checking out Superman: Earth One volume 1, a lot of the movie came from there and it’s a cool book. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes. It’s good to be back.

I Love You, Man (2009)

Before he was Antman Paul Rudd was awkward as hell. Like painfully awkward. Awkward to the point he was painful to watch. That is ok tho, he was supposed to be. He plays a guy that is about to be married to the woman of his dreams. The problem is he has no friends. And not the way most people have a couple but feel like they don’t have any.

Lets us play a quick game. Imagine you are going to ask the person you love you to marry you. Now think of the person you tell first. Now imagine the person you love says yes. Who do you tell first? Second? Probably would shoot them a text that day or call them right? Yea this guy does not. His best friend may be his mother…maybe.

Antman is now on a quest. A quest to make the bridal party a bit less lopsided and make some friends. This sounds like a boring concept but if you add a mother that accidentally sets him up on a blind date with a gay man, a legitimately gay brother whos type is straight men and we got a fun movie.

He does get a few friend tho. Free spirited Jason Segel for example. They never really specify what his job is, he has a weird obsession with the band Rush and he gets beat up by the Incredible Hulk but that just adds to his charm. By all means check this one out, its a fun movie that many people missed out on. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Where did Torsten go?

where did I go

Hey everyone, I’ve returned after my successful takeover of Gromulous X-14 past Neptune but before Pluto…ok, not really but I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. Pretty much I’ve been having some work, scheduling problems at my job that ain’t Saviorgaming and, sad to say, I’m a retail slave, it’s the holidays, and life is hell because of that. Also doesn’t help I got pretty sick too, but that I can get over. I’m sorry to say, I can’t do no more near as much for Justice League as I wanted to; I planned a huge extravaganza of DC coverage but even then, kinda pooped on me. BUT Savior and I will be going to the opening day and we should have our split reviews next day. Last thing I want to say, thank all of you for viewing our posts and continuing to come back; all of you are awesome. May the gaming gods bring you glory and check us out today…because those warlords I nerfed on Gromulous are pretty pissed.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

Another Vince Vaughn movie, this time with Owen Wilson. Christopher Walken also shows up. Hey whats the opposite of Christopher Walken? Ok no I can’t steal jokes from Dragon Ball Z Abridged plus its in bad taste, just like the actions of the men in this movie.

Basically two friends on a yearly quest to take advantage of unsuspecting emotionally vulnerable drunk women go to weddings they are not invited to and attempt to get laid.

Honestly the movie is hilarious, Vince and Owen work well together. Playing two best friends that work together helping settle divorces you cam actually believe (and maybe they do) hang out daily in real life crashing weddings. There are of course rules to such adventures like never leave a fellow crasher behind.

Eventually tho, things go bad. Real bad. While crashing a congressman’s (Christopher Walken) daughters wedding Owen falls for his other daughter hard and attempts to break a rule. He tries to take things into overtime. You have a wedding and a reception to close the deal and he wants to spend the weekend at the lake house.

Vince has other problems. See daughter number three is a “stage 5 virgin clinger” and possibly crazy. Things aren’t always as they appear and this movie has some great twist and turns. Both men also get whats coming to them in the end. The man that passed on the sacred rules of wedding crashing to them is now crashing funerals by the way and that really should be a sequel with Will Ferrell (yes he has a small part here). This movie is a must see. Oh, and before I go the answer to my opening question is Christopher Reeves. Best wishes and may the gaming gods have mercy on my soul.

The Breakup (2006)

This isn’t my usual movie but Vince Vaughn makes me laugh and Jennifer Aniston both makes me laugh and is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Combine all that and I pretty much have to check it out.

Now lets be honest. Answer this, have you seen a movie with Vince before? If you said yes than you are familiar with his character. He basically plays the same guy in every movie with a new name. Its why most of his fans watch.

He meets Jennifer at a ball game while she is out with her at the time boyfriend and essentially forces a hotdog on her. After the game he then convinces her to hang out. A couple years later they buy a condo together.

Unfortunately while Vince is a hard worker and even owns his own tour guide business in Chicago that is quite successful he isn’t a very attentive boyfriend. He does what he wants and isn’t very considerate. He loves his girlfriend and his friends, he just isn’t the best at showing it.

After a rough dinner is when Jennifer finally has enough and the break up happens. She thinks he will apologize and change his ways. Capitan oblivious however decides he simply won’t move out of the condo and they both start playing 2 separate games. She wants to make him jealous so he will come crawling back, and he wants her to either move out for realise she was wrong. Turns out they are both stupid and the results are funny.

This movie however isn’t your typical romantic comedy with a happy ending. The ending isn’t really sad either. Its not much of anything in fact. You can take it as you want. I enjoyed it and you may too even if its just to see Jennifer’s bear bottom. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Commercial

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, the greatest villainous organization in history appears! It’s Team Rainbow Rocket—made up of the bosses from past titles in the Pokémon series! The boss of this new organization is none other than Giovanni, who was also the boss of the villainous organization known as Team Rocket in Pokémon Red […]

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